Recommended by Zack Peercy

  • littlespace, or the daddy play
    14 Jul. 2022
    Marjorie Muller's "littlespace, or the daddy play" was such a captivating and compassionate work! The characters are rich, realistic, and fully realized. Not only is this show ready for production, it would be the highlight of any season. Can't wait to see it fully realized!
  • THE VIRGINIAN: A HORSEMAN OF THE PLAINS by L.C. Bernadine and Spencer Huffman
    19 Jan. 2022
    An epic theatrical western that carries the torch of the original source material while shining a light on contemporary themes. Bernadine & Huffman have created a tremendous work with complex roles, inventive staging opportunities, and a sharp and dynamic story that’ll keep audiences on the edge of their seats. A perfect fit to any theater’s season!
  • An Untitled New Play By Justin Timberlake
    26 Dec. 2021
    Thankful to have caught City Theatre's production! Matt Schatz delivers a wonderful musical about striving for a better tomorrow. While this show is so uniquely about theatre, it never alienates the broader audience. Well drawn characters with realistic expectations and flaws. A terrific piece that every weirdly named and over-abbreviated company should be producing!
  • The Back Pocket Play
    25 May. 2021
    A fast-paced and insightful piece of theatre. Goldberg's The Back Pocket Play is full of incredibly dynamic characters with rich perspectives and flaws. This play offers the opportunity for an often overlooked, but important, element of anti-racism work: white people talking to each other about their privilege and racial inequality. Any theater would be lucky to have this show in their season.
  • Next Door
    8 Mar. 2021
    With NEXT DOOR, Kime has written an intense and lasting work that will make you desperately seek out a full production. Richly drawn characters and an explosive plot that will shake you to your core. No one does a layered critique of suburban feminism that spirals into madness quite like Hanna!
  • When It Comes We Can Worry Then
    28 Feb. 2021
    "When It Comes..." is a defining coming-of-age play for young women on the verge of change. Thoroughly theatrical in set up, this play works in the smallest black box and largest proscenium. At its center are two well drawn characters full of insecurities, dreams, and glimpses of their futures. A moving piece of theatre that demands to be produced.
  • Conversations About an Empty Suit
    30 Jun. 2020
    If you’ve ever felt adrift in your artistic career (and who hasn’t?), this script is for you. Sergel pulls no punches in a frank discussion of the state of theater-making, the unbalanced road to success, and the bittersweet compromise of a life in the arts. While some may inaccurately label this work as “inside baseball”, the reality is that everyone struggles with Where They Want To Be, Where They Are, and How They Got There. This is a play about coming to terms with Life, and that’s a play for every audience.
  • Finger
    30 Jun. 2020
    A Lynchian dive into the philosophy of being human. FINGER provides actors with an opportunity to walk the fine line of investigation and obsession. This script gives an audience a lot to unpack and discuss about the parts that make up a human. There’s also a tremendous opportunity for a lucky props designer...
    You’ll be thinking about your appendages for weeks to come after reading this play. Definitely ready for the stage!
  • The Best Damn Thing
    19 Jan. 2020
    THE BEST DAMN THING is truly the most fitting title for this two hander. Kime develops the ultimate manic episode experience when these two young women forge an artistic collaboration and rekindle a friendship. So much care is given to the genuine expression of teenage creativity and the harsh reality of teenage society. Much like the music of Avril Lavigne, The Best Damn Thing by Hanna Kime will stick with you long after your choker gets stretched out and your eyeliner washes away. Cannot recommend enough!
  • Frances Makes History
    2 Sep. 2019
    Frances Makes History is a great vehicle for teenage actors looking for complex comedic roles. This play has a hilarious rising tension that will keep an audience laughing throughout. Perfect for high schools interested in portraying current teenagers lives.