Recommended by Zack Peercy

  • Bury Me
    15 Jul. 2019
    Happy to have seen the full production at Dandelion Theater. This show is full of emotional twists that deepen your understanding of the characters and their experiences. Full of great opportunities for artistic discovery, the play would serve well in any theater's season. A production of this would lead to great discussions about women's right, faith, what it means to be a parent, and what it means to be human.
  • Revival
    7 Jul. 2019
    A quiet exploration of trauma and growth that is masterfully handled by the playwright. Representing the aunt-niece relationship seldom seen on stage, Taryn and Lena are remarkable and complex roles that any actor would be lucky to dig into. For a play about avoiding issues, this play highlights so many of them with a delicate hand and educated voice. Produce this play!
  • Cross Roads: An Igbo Folktale
    23 Jun. 2019
    Buckner has constructed a singular theatrical experience with Cross Roads. This play gets you all tangled up in its hoodoo magic and refuses to let you go. Well crafted characters, an edge-of-your-seat plot, and an emotional resonance that will leave you reeling for days after, this show provides marvelous opportunities for actors and designers. Any theater would be lucky to premiere this show!
  • Sally Has Something to Say
    15 Jun. 2019
    This script speaks directly to our political climate. Instead of choosing a side, Sally Has Something To Say is able to present the absurdity of both sides and shine a light on the growing problem with the 24-hour news cycle. A great opportunity for designers!
  • Kindred
    3 Jun. 2019
    A beautifully crafted theatrical piece. Excellent roles for women involving nuance and brevity. This is a precise script that would fit among a festival of work, or standing on its own as a night of theatre.
  • Paper Dreams
    3 Jun. 2019
    Paper Dream brings to life an overlooked part of American History. Not only does this play serve as a deeply resonating history lesson, but it also tells a beautiful story about family and sacrifice. Designers would have a lot of fun representing this show on stage. Highly recommend!
  • Reason for Return
    13 Apr. 2019
    This play is defined one of it's first images: a tea kettle slowly boiling to a scream.
    In the aftermath of a school shooting, protagonists Abby and Gail begin to boil as their respective reputation and livelihood are thrown into disarray. Cathro draws you in slowly, pacing a timely and realistic family drama, but there's something more that's bubbling: a social commentary on normalized violence, the lasting effects of trauma, and the complexities of intimacy. All blend together and develop into a poignant steam that screams through the kettle of this play.
    This show demands production.
    19 Mar. 2019
    This play doesn't shy away from the complex moral questions that arise when someone decides to Do Good. Centering around a landlord/tenant relationship, YARD WORK presents two characters on the verge of change, grappling with all the small details that come with it. Until now, there has never been a play that has made IRS infractions, city ordinance disputes, and homeowner's rights feel electric, meaningful, and vital to the human condition. This show demands to be produced.
  • The Sleep of The Big Dumb Husband
    11 Dec. 2018
    In this deeply sentimental comedy, Peter Cunniffe manages to externalize the internal anxieties we all face after midnight when we're trying to fall asleep. Split into seven distinct roles, Karen laments her fears about her marriage to her Big Dumb Husband, a mostly-sleeping presence throughout, while waiting for their eighteen year old daughter to get home from a date. This play is labeled a comedy, and there's plenty of Stoppard-eque dialogue to earn that classification, but understand that this play also has a big beating heart expressed through all of its rich and three-dimensional characters.