Recommended by Mia McCullough

  • Borne Dust
    5 May. 2021
    I read this play while it was still development, and was struck by the theatricality and Kimberly's strong voice. She's a confident writer who guides you into her world with a deft hand. I found this play to be moving and disturbing.
  • Wendy and the Neckbeards
    14 Nov. 2019
    Biting. Upsetting. Real. This play made me wonder about how much it really takes for a man to be pushed into the incel/Reddit/Looney Toon world of on-line trolls.
    3 Apr. 2019
    These two characters are so weird and wonderful. LC creates an intimate world of two struggling humans that ends up addressing the issues of capitalism and homelessness, but in a way that seeps in quietly. Nothing in this play hits you over the head. It's subtle and lovely.
  • The Worst Mother in the World
    30 Mar. 2019
    A moving play about dark underbelly of motherhood. It asks the question, "What happens when you don't have the capacity to love your child," and it does it with both humor and honesty. All the characters are both flawed and sympathetic.
    8 Mar. 2019
    Beautifully written story of a family with a painful past. Lots of humor to help with the heavy subject matter. A slice of history I knew nothing about.
    8 Nov. 2018
    Smart, funny, weird. A look at sexual sacrifices in a dystopian future.
  • The Woman, The Dog and The Machete
    1 Oct. 2018
    Fascinating play that plays with gender and race. The premise creates an uncertainty in the audience that leaves them on edge and really asking questions about power dynamics and identity. Love this play.
  • The Hero's Wife
    13 Sep. 2018
    I've worked in the domestic violence field for a long time, and one of the most frustrating thing that lay people say is "Why do they stay?" I feel like this play addresses that question with such subtly and nuance. It's a story about two people trying to process violence through each other. It's about deep love and connection, and the desire to get inside one's partner's head. A beautifully told story. I saw the world premiere production at 16th Street Theatre and the fight choreography brought the script to life so beautifully.
  • Mother Lode
    12 Sep. 2018
    Mother Lode is a look at some intensely frustrating aspects of working motherhood, and how society, coworkers, corporations, and family can conspire to amplify those frustrations. The main character is caught in a no-win situation as she tries to go back to work after the birth of her daughter. Great dialogue, smartly drawn characters, and themes that we don't see enough of on stage.
  • Derailed
    12 Sep. 2018
    An nicely interwoven look at ambition, capitalism, altruism, and privilege. Interesting, well-developed characters from diverse backgrounds who are trying to rewrite their pasts in various ways. Snappy dialogue, some laugh out loud moments in this drama.