Recommended by Amy Berryman

  • The Golem
    23 Aug. 2020
    This play takes my breath away. In just ten minutes, Berley creates a deep, specific world, in which deep, specific grief lives. Simple, beautiful, profound.
  • Love and the Fear of it All
    16 Aug. 2020
    Hilarious, lovely play that hits hard in 2020 even though it's set in 2016. A joy to read and I'm sure will be an even greater joy to see staged.
  • Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
    3 Jul. 2020
    Amazing play! A brilliant critique of colonialism, white supremacy, and appropriation in the form of a sci-fi adventure. Funny, exciting, and vicious in its commentary on 2020. Would be such an incredible opportunity for designers and director.
  • The Mozart Play
    28 Mar. 2020
    An absolutely brilliant play with gorgeous roles for women. Funny, dark, full of longing. A beautiful final act that will make you reconsider your ideas about genius, heaven, and hell.
  • Fuck Your Motivation, Fuck Your Productivity, But Most Of All, Fuck Your Quarantine Play
    20 Mar. 2020
    My feelings exactly. Brilliant use of one minute. Read and have a laugh/groan!
  • Wendy and the Neckbeards
    10 Feb. 2020
    Wow. A remarkable, sharp play that speaks to the current moment. The kind of play that draws you in and then blows up its own rules and structure in such a satisfying way. I will be thinking about Wendy, Jess, Bree, Shih, and yes, even Chad, for a long time.
  • More Than the Animals
    2 Dec. 2019
    I love this monologue! The world is extremely rich, I have such a strong vision of all the offstage characters, and the journey so rewarding in the end. Left me wishing I could see more of Imogenene taking over the world after she survives this difficult moment, because *spoiler alert* she will.
  • Faith
    24 Nov. 2019
    Completely floored by this piece. A perspective on a story I’ve known since I was a young kid that I had not considered. Moving, real, challenging.
  • Awards Season
    18 Nov. 2019
    A razor sharp play with two intelligent, flawed women at the helm, duking it out in the complicated terrain of the #metoo era. I deeply appreciate the thorny questions being asked in this play and it leaves the reader with a gut punch that feels far too familiar. I'd love to watch actors eat up these roles.
  • The Lonely (A Fictionally Non-Accurate Historical KiKi)
    4 Nov. 2019
    This play is brilliant in its premise and in the execution of it. The characters feel so real, the tension so palpable, and the dialogue sharp, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Great opportunity for designers as well. I would love to see this play produced!