Recommended by Amy Berryman

  • Amputations
    24 May. 2024
    An incredible piece that will stay with me for a very long time. Rosenberg has created four thrilling, upsetting, complex characters in this tense, dark, and at times laugh out loud funny play. Highly recommend!
  • Victorian Psychedelic Sleepover Play
    8 Aug. 2023
    Loved this play when I saw it read at IAMA! Shealy's writing is razor-sharp and hilarious - it feels incredibly contemporary and fresh even as it crosses into the Victorian Era. Can't recommend this play enough!
  • PEACHY: a sorta chekhovian traumedy
    8 Aug. 2023
    Sharma balances the trauma and comedy perfectly in this hysterical, heart-wrenching, time-bending piece. I saw it read in a packed audience that ate up every minute. Highly recommend!
  • The Golem
    23 Aug. 2020
    This play takes my breath away. In just ten minutes, Berley creates a deep, specific world, in which deep, specific grief lives. Simple, beautiful, profound.
  • Love and the Fear of it All
    16 Aug. 2020
    Hilarious, lovely play that hits hard in 2020 even though it's set in 2016. A joy to read and I'm sure will be an even greater joy to see staged.
  • Last Ship to Proxima Centauri
    3 Jul. 2020
    Amazing play! A brilliant critique of colonialism, white supremacy, and appropriation in the form of a sci-fi adventure. Funny, exciting, and vicious in its commentary on 2020. Would be such an incredible opportunity for designers and director.
  • The Mozart Play
    28 Mar. 2020
    An absolutely brilliant play with gorgeous roles for women. Funny, dark, full of longing. A beautiful final act that will make you reconsider your ideas about genius, heaven, and hell.
  • Fuck Your Motivation, Fuck Your Productivity, But Most Of All, Fuck Your Quarantine Play
    20 Mar. 2020
    My feelings exactly. Brilliant use of one minute. Read and have a laugh/groan!
  • Wendy and the Neckbeards
    10 Feb. 2020
    Wow. A remarkable, sharp play that speaks to the current moment. The kind of play that draws you in and then blows up its own rules and structure in such a satisfying way. I will be thinking about Wendy, Jess, Bree, Shih, and yes, even Chad, for a long time.
  • More Than the Animals
    2 Dec. 2019
    I love this monologue! The world is extremely rich, I have such a strong vision of all the offstage characters, and the journey so rewarding in the end. Left me wishing I could see more of Imogenene taking over the world after she survives this difficult moment, because *spoiler alert* she will.