Recommended by Amy Berryman

  • Awards Season
    18 Nov. 2019
    A razor sharp play with two intelligent, flawed women at the helm, duking it out in the complicated terrain of the #metoo era. I deeply appreciate the thorny questions being asked in this play and it leaves the reader with a gut punch that feels far too familiar. I'd love to watch actors eat up these roles.
  • The Lonely (A Fictionally Non-Accurate Historical KiKi)
    4 Nov. 2019
    This play is brilliant in its premise and in the execution of it. The characters feel so real, the tension so palpable, and the dialogue sharp, hilarious, and heartbreaking. Great opportunity for designers as well. I would love to see this play produced!
  • I Will Be Gone
    14 Aug. 2019
    I love this play with all my heart. Funny, awkward, haunting, exquisite. More theaters need to produce this play!
  • John Proctor is the Villain
    5 Jul. 2019
    My heart is soaring and I'm listening to "Green Light" and I am so grateful someone wrote this play. It is smart, fast, wild, powerful, and FUNNY. I want there to be a professional production as soon as possible. We need it.
  • wyrd
    7 Jun. 2019
    This play is so magical! Whether the character be mortal or immortal, this play has incredible roles for women. It's funny, heartbreaking, romantic, and brutal. I can't wait to see a production of it.
    30 May. 2019
    This is a phenomenal play. I saw a reading of it at the Great Plains Theatre Conference and can’t wait to see it produced. It is an important look at racial tensions in academia, at academia’s bias towards white classical literature. It is also hilarious and masterful at navigating tone. The structure of the play is beautiful - it makes you skeptical and then gut punches you. Gorgeous language, beginning and ending in incantations. Please produce this play.
  • Behind the Sheet
    26 Mar. 2019
    Every theatre in America should do this play. Powerful, deep, haunting look at an ugly chapter in the history of American medicine and the role black enslaved women played in it.
  • While We Wait
    26 Mar. 2019
    I saw a reading of this play at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference - beautiful, evocative language, and a deeply relatable protagonist. The imagery stays with me even a year later.
  • Hyannis
    26 Mar. 2019
    I read this play when it became a finalist for the Premiere Play Festival and I am so glad I did. A very honest look at the opioid epidemic with gorgeous characters, each one deep and complex, not only in their own makeup but in their relationship to the other characters in the play. Simply told - and has a killer, aching ending.
  • Daisy Violet the Bitch Beast King
    7 Sep. 2018
    I love this play. It is a complete and utter delight and would be a joy to see staged. A designer could have a field day with this off-the-wall, beautifully imagined world.