Recommended by Erica Bennett

  • Celtic Knot
    8 Dec. 2018
    In Celtic Knot, Fix Curry presents a world of familial love, loss, and redemption. Character Mary Gallagher's service to her father and brother since the death of her mother when she was only seven-years-old is told through an Irish Catholic lens. It takes the intrusion of a modern American woman to finally rock Mary to her core, force her to rise up, and take back her own life. I delved into the stage directions about Irish culture with the same voracity as when I read Tennessee Williams' about the American South. Brava, Karen.
  • Being Wendy Wasserstein
    28 Nov. 2018
    Playwright Wendy Wasserstein's ascent to the heights of American theatre is told in engrossing detail by Fix Curry in her monologue Being Wendy Wasserstein. I could almost hear Ms. Wasserstein herself talking to me, Fix Curry's monologue was so effectively written.
    18 Aug. 2018
    Asher Wyndham captures the devastating plight of a young Iraq war veteran with perfect precision. Adam Amerson is at once devastating and devastated. The rawness of his emotion, his rage at the machine, is gripping and shook me to my core. Raised to be a good soldier, Adam's played by the rules, but when the rules are shredded by corrupt lenders and lending deregulation, he discovers he's been duped with no way out.
    17 Aug. 2018
    Was taken by surprise at my visceral reaction to the imagery and emotion packed into one page of dialogue. The confluence of events, and character are at once poetic, and heart breaking.