Recommended by MT Cozzola

  • Escape Velocity
    4 Mar. 2018
    Sparkling dialog and weightless construction belie the intense emotional yearning at the heart of this play. This is a great vehicle for four strong actors. Each relationship is tested and transformed. I was also surprised -- when I heard it out loud -- how very funny it is.
  • An' Pass By Midnight, the Kimakwa
    21 Sep. 2017
    I was intrigued by how this play travels between fever dream and naturalism. It feels like a perfect backdrop for the struggles Maria and Thomas face in understanding their relationship and their own destinies. The play has a cinematic feel that I think can work beautifully onstage, because so much of the supernatural element lives through the characters and the way they speak. This is spooky but not in a blood-and-gore sort of way...more in a past-never-leaves-us way. Ultimately much more chilling.
  • Quiver
    16 Sep. 2017
    I love when I'm reading a new play and desperately want to see it in action. That's what happened with Quiver. The mix of human and animal characters feels so clear, and is written with such a light touch...and at the same time it makes me wonder what deeper, darker emotions will well up when I see those moments on stage. I also found the dialog and situations real and natural. So that makes the theatrical elements as written on the page even more evocative. This is theatre that must be theatre -- my favorite kind!
  • Until Death (Do us Part)
    12 Sep. 2017
    Genuine characters and deep emotions nested in ever-so-casually fantastical conditions, this play examines love and identity in a way that's fun and sneaky. It's inventive and absurd while also feeling strangely real and sincere. The Boor family is a blast to watch, and I found myself rooting for all sides of this social/religious divide.
  • DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON-Reginald Edmund
    11 Sep. 2017
    This poetic, suspenseful, and surprising play captivated me. I loved the language and the unfolding of relationships within the harsh realities of their situation. The stakes kept going up, and when those magical moments occurred, they felt true and necessary.
  • Infatuation
    11 Sep. 2017
    I was hooked from the first page -- spare writing contrasts with big huge human wants and fears, and the combination made for surprising laughs and strange moments of rooting for the completely wrong thing. All three characters feel real and alive, and the exploration of sexual harassment within the context of desire is fascinating and thought-provoking.