Recommended by Jennifer Kokai

  • The Final Debate
    2 Oct. 2018
    I was lucky enough to direct the first performance of this for Plan-B this fall. Bublitz has created two sharply distinct female teenage characters. They are smart, serious, and great roles for actresses to play. The audience responded very strongly to this piece and it was clear it had a significant impact. Strongly recommend this ten minute.
  • Edmund Fitzwater Doesn’t Have Any Answers for You
    23 Sep. 2018
    A funny 10 minute about the potential for evil lurking in our technology. If you're a fan of Black Mirror, this is a great play for you. My favorite line was "No one in the history of ever has set out on a spiritual journey because of Comedy Central" and the title is fantastic. Highly recommend to folks looking for a 10 minute play.
  • The Book of Mountains and Seas
    19 Sep. 2018
    I read this play and recommended it for an award at one point. It was outstanding. Funny, and emotionally rich, and had such a great premise. Highly recommend.
  • Failure: A Love Story
    5 Sep. 2018
    This is a wonderful play. It is such a playground for designers, actors, and directors. The story telling is crystal clear, every character sharply drawn. It should be a go to for college theatre.
    8 Aug. 2018
    This recommendation is from Oliver who is 11 and an actor/playwright: This is a good monologue. It hits you hard because of what's happening in the world right now. It gets kids this age right. There aren't many monologues for kids, mostly for adults. It displays a lot of emotions in a short amount of time and would be an interesting role to take on. Which again, there are not many of for kids my age.
  • Burst
    26 Jun. 2018
    First of all, the premise of this play is absolutely fascinating. Rooted in a true, ongoing story, Bublitz looks at the thin line between the intense pursuit of a dream and megalomania. When corporate titans succeed, we forgive them all of their sins. But what do they have to do to get there? Do we forgive them if they don't succeed? Do we have different standards for women and men? Three excellent women characters make up this gripping, fast paced, drama.
  • The Impracticality of Modern-Day Mastodons
    29 Apr. 2018
    This is a funny, wonder filled, magical play. I loved it on the page and I can only imagine what a delight it would be on stage and how much fun it would be for a production team to bring it to life.
  • Ready Steady Yeti Go
    23 Apr. 2018
    This might be my most favorite play I've read in five years. Smart, funny, insightful, thought provoking, and raw, my students and I adored it. Every theatre ought to do this play.
  • Route 84 House Fire: Three Miles from Train Tracks, Nine From a Hydrant
    23 Apr. 2018
    Beautiful visceral writing. Each line is urgent. A compelling and disturbing play.
  • The Patron Saint of Losing Sleep
    23 Apr. 2018
    I have loved this play from an earlier draft through to now. It's so smart and insightful and funny. It provides amazing roles for actors and the non-realistic structure is so fun for directors. Through scene work and a rehearsed reading my college students grew really attached to the play as well.