Recommended by Jennifer Maisel

  • Rolling
    17 Jan. 2020
    A super-fun send-up of all things Hollywood in a speedy 10 minutes about a commercial shoot. Hiett's sharp comedic timing is perfection. And somehow I'm now craving something with mmmmmelting mozzarella....
    17 Jan. 2020
    Artfully juxtaposing rich monologues with scenes that hit an emotional truth that tears at your heart, The End of Beauty is a compelling three-hander about art and life that theatres should be grabbing up. I love the way the playwright shows the longing within relationships when things just aren't what the partners want them to be and how we either move on - or don't. Worth the read - and production!!!
  • The Maid's Daughters
    17 Jan. 2020
    Such a moving play -- Jennifer Berry takes on a little seen dynamic and brings these long-simmering relationships, resentments, disappointments and loves to roiling boil. What does it mean to think of someone else's mother as your own to the woman whose mother it really is? How do we define family? Berry attacks these questions with wit and deep insight. I'm eager to see this one fully produced!
  • Body Beautiful
    13 Jan. 2020
    A love story for the ages - and for this very moment in time. Exploring the complexities of marriage, parenthood and friendship amongst of cadre of people who struggle to be their true selves, Body Beautiful offers compelling complex characters that we almost never see - such a rich opportunity for theatres and actors. What a joy to see the intricacies, upsides and downsides of love so beautifully portrayed.
    9 Jan. 2020
    This play takes everything we think about Miller and The Crucible and turns it upside-down with wit, humor and sharp insight. Looking for something to produce that's timely, funny, sensitive and achingly smart? This is it.
  • Sisters by Joanne Hudson and Royal Shiree
    24 Aug. 2019
    Poetic and theatrical. I am enthralled by the potential of what these two playwrights have co-created, leaping off from history and original text into compelling characters and a complicated relationship like no other. How we come to love even though circumstances would make us think that would be impossible. This is a canvas rich for any director. I would love to see a production.
    12 Oct. 2018
    A simply gorgeous play about love and personal and public redemption. The characters in The Abuelas are layered and complex, the situation heart-breaking, the ending completely satisfying. I'm looking forward to seeing this one in production.
    12 Oct. 2018
    Donna Hoke tackles the subject of professional and personal boundaries in a unique theatrical way that opens our eyes to the gender dynamics at play in every relationship. What an exciting challenge for actors and directors to take this on -- a production that will engender much discussion for days to come.
  • Last Night in Inwood
    12 Oct. 2018
    An unforgettable apocalyptic ride. Alix's Last Night in Inwood is fast-paced, funny, heartbreaking and scarily believable. Alix deftly has her characters breach rifts of feminism, racism, homophobia and generational schisms to come together into the symbol of what we need today: unity. Loved the reading I just saw - can't wait to see it in production.
    26 Apr. 2018
    Heartbreaking and beautifully rendered, The Madres brings us into a different world of Argentina's The Disappeared but also the universal world of the agony of motherhood when our children are lost to us.