Recommended by Jennifer Maisel

    2 Feb. 2022
    Caridad has the most gorgeous mastery of language, where it's totally accessible and at the same time magical and dreamy and evocative. RED BIKE is a gem that will tease your memory and make your heart beat fast. I really would love to see it and am enticed by the fact that it's so uniquely flexible that no two production will ever be close to the same. Seems like a director's dream to me.
  • The Play You Want
    4 Nov. 2021
    Oh my god, this play. It's is funny, it is brutal, it is a truth-teller. Did I mention it was funny? Did I mention it is ballsy? And funny? Cubria just lays it out there about the politics of theatre-making and the world surrounding it in a way most playwrights aren't brave enough to - oh, and it's really fucking funny.
    4 Nov. 2021
    Aja Houston weaves a dark extraordinary world unlike our own yet so familiar in this tale of sisters facing the unimaginable with guts and bravery and love. It's a dark fairytale with extraordinary dialogue - you don't want to miss a beat.
  • The Caregiver's Guide
    4 Nov. 2021
    Jami Brandli never fails to blow me away with the breadth and depth of her work and The Caregiver's Guide is another home run. This play beautifully renders the dynamics between the siblings and their dad as they face one of the biggest hardships a family can face - for the second time around. Be prepared to laugh and cry.
    4 Nov. 2021
    What an epic beautiful story that crosses cultures yet resonates in all of them. Hasu Houston portray love and grief with such a delicate hand. There's magic in this play. I can't wait to see it fully staged.
  • Here Comes The Night
    4 Nov. 2021
    A gorgeous two-hander that explores the depth of walking a friend through a life changing choice with nuance and humor and love. Grissom really knows how to take something that's been in the headlines and make it a personal gut-wrenching true story. I can't wait to see this one produced.
  • Rolling
    17 Jan. 2020
    A super-fun send-up of all things Hollywood in a speedy 10 minutes about a commercial shoot. Hiett's sharp comedic timing is perfection. And somehow I'm now craving something with mmmmmelting mozzarella....
    17 Jan. 2020
    Artfully juxtaposing rich monologues with scenes that hit an emotional truth that tears at your heart, The End of Beauty is a compelling three-hander about art and life that theatres should be grabbing up. I love the way the playwright shows the longing within relationships when things just aren't what the partners want them to be and how we either move on - or don't. Worth the read - and production!!!
  • The Maid's Daughters
    17 Jan. 2020
    Such a moving play -- Jennifer Berry takes on a little seen dynamic and brings these long-simmering relationships, resentments, disappointments and loves to roiling boil. What does it mean to think of someone else's mother as your own to the woman whose mother it really is? How do we define family? Berry attacks these questions with wit and deep insight. I'm eager to see this one fully produced!
  • Body Beautiful
    13 Jan. 2020
    A love story for the ages - and for this very moment in time. Exploring the complexities of marriage, parenthood and friendship amongst of cadre of people who struggle to be their true selves, Body Beautiful offers compelling complex characters that we almost never see - such a rich opportunity for theatres and actors. What a joy to see the intricacies, upsides and downsides of love so beautifully portrayed.