Recommended by Jennifer Maisel

  • Through the Eye of a Needle
    26 Apr. 2018
    I just saw a beautiful production of Through the Eye of a Needle at The Road Theatre and it feels like a play that should be produced all over the country for its deep complicated characters and messages of embracing change and acceptance in the face of the worst news a parent can face. Brandli is masterful with this family drama that transcends the average holiday play and does not leave a dry eye in the house.
  • Motherland
    26 Apr. 2018
    A beautifully evocative play that captures not only the essence of the experience of Russian immigrants but the legacy that their trauma visits on future generations. Kenner-Grissom's gorgeous dialogue threads throughout heartbreaking scenes of family drama, all feeling at once authentic and theatrical. The doubling underscores the repetition of familial history in a unique and lovely way. Produce this play!
  • Gone
    23 Jan. 2018
    Achingly beautiful, honest, timely and funny, Lolly Ward’s Gone explores the intricacies of what we are left with when we face the mortality of our family life as we know it. It’s about nostalgia, greed and love, and the way every member of a family has grown up in both the same family and a different one. I can’t wait to see this on the stage – someone produce it fast!
  • The Last Nights of Scheherazade
    23 Mar. 2017
    This gorgeous play weaves the pain of the fractured love between a storytelling woman and her veteran husband with the healing power of music. Paula Cizmar's characters are heartbreaking, authentic and human, her language lush, the setting evocative.
  • News for the Deaf Man
    13 Oct. 2015
    News for the Deaf Man is a riveting deeply personal drama about lost relationships and lost dreams with meaty roles for three adult men. Often plays and movies about father-son dynamics don't move me. New for the Deaf Man does, with its frank look at how these two men come to terms with each other.