Sam Hamashima

Sam Hamashima

I hope to God Alice had running shoes. Kaleidoscope vocab and tiedye rhythm. The power of the pen is the sword. University of Michigan, BFA Musical Theatre. East Coaster. Dramatists Guild.


  • American Spies and Other Homegrown Fables
    News travels across the Pacific on Dec. 7 resulting in foolhardy claims of Japanese sympathizers. As calls for war perpetrate a nation, The Ishii Family undertakes radical assimilation to calm the local police and fearful neighbors. Mixing family testimony and cartoon charm, the Japanese Americans’ response to national disaster develops into a sparkling fable on what it means to be family.
  • Supposed Home
    TBD. Currently in workshop.
  • Finding Earth
    When God leaves for their 9-5, what happens when the kids break into God's private office? And what can they do before God comes home? Seeking collaborators for this piece.

Recommended by Sam Hamashima

    15 Aug. 2019
    Family becomes much more than those that share blood in this brightly earnest script. Caridad Svich's use of song, poetry, multiple languages, and futbol (among other ingredients) provides a glorious soundscape and atmosphere. Guapa is a story bursting off the page. Goalllllll!