Recommended by Stephen Spotswood

  • The Ferberizing of Coral
    28 Aug. 2018
    Incredibly funny, with the kind of tight pacing that makes for a great 10-minute play. Unpacks a world of anxiety, not just about being parents but about adulthood in general, in a simple, smart way that seamlessly blends light comedy and heavy subject matter.
    2 Dec. 2016
    Event theatre on an intimate scale. This show combines beautiful, immersive design with intellectually rigorous subject matter to spark a conversation about belief in the modern age. Simultaneously reinforcing and subverting the power of storytelling, Transmission exposes how easily we embrace familiar ideas and how dangerous that can be. In the age of social media, it's an incredibly necessary conversation to have.
  • A'nat Dittni
    13 Mar. 2015
    A lovely short play filled with lush language and fantastic storytelling. If you like fables and folktales (which I very much do), check it out.
  • Love Person
    1 Mar. 2015
    A wonderful scripts that deftly weaves the world of the hearing and the deaf together, showing where they intersect & how they diverge, all circling around a incredibly engaging love triangle. The Company One production in Boston made me fall in love w/ this playwright & that company. I live a few blocks from Gallaudet University & would love to see a DC company tackle this play.
    19 Feb. 2015
    A strong little drama about marriage, loss, and how you keep moving forward with the person you love. Pinky Swear Productions produced this in rep with Ally Currin's BENCHED and it made for a great pairing.
  • Benched
    19 Feb. 2015
    A great short comedy about friendship and motherhood featuring the kind of roles for women you don't see enough of. Pinky Swear Productions produced this in rep with Renee Calarco's BLEED and it made for a strong pairing.
  • The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington
    17 Feb. 2015
    Had the pleasure of seeing the NNPN reading in 2013. It's bold, sprawling and beautiful, as well as being absolutely hilarious. It's exactly the kind of story that can only be told on a stage. Would someone in DC please produce this?

    Pretty please?
  • Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea
    16 Feb. 2015
    Gorgeously theatrical script with a tender, witty, very human story at its center. The NNPN Showcase reading was captivating. I can't wait for Theatre Alliance's production this spring in Washington, D.C.
  • Pluto
    15 Feb. 2015
    As an artist, I'm fascinated with finding ways to humanize the people and events we consider monstrous and unthinkable. This play does so brilliantly. It doesn't attempt to explain or excuse but simply humanize. And it does so with a certain amount of humor and theatricality that make it a joy to watch.
  • Nonsense and Beauty
    15 Feb. 2015
    A great look at the hidden history of E.M. Forster and what it meant to live as a gay man in the first half of the 20th century.