Recommended by David Beardsley

    11 Aug. 2019
    I was fortunate enough to see a staged reading of Partner Of. This is a remarkable and moving short play about the inhumanity of slavery and loss of innocence. Rachael Carnes made a brilliant choice to set this play at a time before Thomas Jefferson began raping Sally Hemings. She forces us to experience the horror with Sally as she begins to understand what is going to happen to her. I heard the play compared to Sophie’s Choice, because of the horrible choice facing Sally and her mother. I agree completely. It’s a poetic play. Hard to watch.
  • Ready Betty
    3 Jul. 2019
    This one had me laughing out loud while I was reading. I can only imagine seeing it live, with all the physical comedy. Hilarious!
  • Places You Go
    28 Jun. 2019
    This is a compelling play that explores the lengths people go to protect the ones they love, and the damage they do in the process. Ivers is unflinching in showing his characters flaws, but he makes you root for them, warts and all.
  • America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of the American Negro
    28 Jun. 2019
    This is a play that should make you squirm, especially when it makes you laugh. It’s a satire of the first order that explores how power, privilege, and propaganda work to prop up systemic racism in America. It is also a well constructed play. The dialogue is terrific, the characters are strong and have distinct voices, and the tension builds steadily to a compelling climax with a surprising little twist. Stacey Rose deserves the awards and acclaim she has won so far for this play. I hope there is more (and many productions) to come!
  • Growl
    19 Apr. 2019
    A compelling tribute to a strong woman and artist who refused to dilute her ideas, give in to fear, or to back down in the face of corrupt and unrestrained power. That she is able to bend her interrogator's perspective, even a little, is a celebration of the power of art to deliver unfiltered truth.
    19 Apr. 2019
    I enjoyed reading this play. The dialogue is funny and does a subtle job of communicating the underlying emotional state of characters without being "on the nose."
    15 Oct. 2018
    What a fun play! Terrific dialogue, leading to some really poignant moments. The characters' on-stage actions, though few, add to the emotional impact and character development (I love when she smells the envelope of cash). Just when you're sure the ending is going to be predictable, everything seems to fall apart. But, then (surprise!) it ends the way you thought (hoped) it would. It takes a subtle touch to write a surprise ending when it's exactly what one expected all along.
  • The Tragedie of Rockford and Almira and the Cat - a Comedie
    12 Sep. 2018
    What a fun play! Weaver's comedy has a light and subtle touch. The dramatic tension builds steadily and hilariously. The characters have distinct voices that add depth and texture. You may have a suspicion early on about the story's destination (poor cat), but that doesn't make you any less enthusiastic about going on the ride. It's definitely a play that will delight festival audiences.