Recommended by Kelsey Austin

  • Asylum or Madness & the Whole Thing There
    13 May. 2021
    This is an exquisite piece with all the characteristics we hope for in a drama. What makes Asylum particularly unique is its ability to reverberate. We're hit not only by great empathy, but great anguish and fear. It's dark, but it's glorious.
  • Colonel's Chicken: A Fairy Tale
    1 Nov. 2018
    We all want to kick things off with reality TV and takeout. This play was fun and quirky--a welcome break from the usual--and yet, there was heart and a notable amount of sadness. I enjoyed the theatricality of this one. And I especially loved the Chicken.
    1 Nov. 2018
    I was taken at first by the title, and then by the heart-breaking story that is true for all too many. Giving a teenage female a voice and the spotlight is something Theater doesn't do enough. I would recommend SLICE to groups who want to give their audiences a deeper, more thought-provoking experience that promotes social change.
  • The Woman, The Dog and The Machete
    28 Aug. 2018
    Excellent from the start. A play that begins with bathroom stalls and ends in poetry is worth the read and the production. The transformation of gender within the action is rhythmic and becomes artistic and expected. I was moved by the message this choice conveyed. The story in the story is both captivating and violent, and I am still in that room with the jury as they hold life in their hands. Well-done.
  • O Réjane
    28 Aug. 2018
    Some clever writing here in this play about play where there are "two kinds of theatre: the well-made play and War." There's action and history from the start, which is intriguing, and we break from tradition and expectation again and again.