Seamus Sullivan

Seamus Sullivan

Seamus Sullivan writes plays and fiction. He mostly works with DC’s own Flying V Theatre and has written many plays for them, including “Brother Mario”, “Me and the Devil Blues”, “Incurable”, “Re: Oblivion”, “Sad 2 AM Sex Fantasy,” and “Valkyrie in the Roller Disco”. He is a three-time finalist for the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival.


  • Brother Mario
    Mario, a plumber with a gift for jumping, has saved Princess Peach from Bowser more times than he can count. But when he starts to wonder what the point is of storming castle after castle, Mario begins an existential spiral that forces him and his friends to grapple with the specter of their own mortality.

    A parody in the style of Anton Chekhov.
  • Re: Oblivion
    All Cecil wants is to print an invoice and make it through another day in his dreary office. But he's out of toner. And there's something waiting for him in the supply closet. Something not of this world. Something... evil.

    A cosmic horror workplace comedy.
  • Sad 2 AM Sex Fantasy
    Imagine you’re lying awake late at night trying to muster the energy for a dirty fantasy about someone you like. Now imagine there’s a tiny film crew that lives in your imagination and tries to stage that fantasy for you to watch in your mind’s eye. This is the story of that film crew.