Recommended by Reina Hardy

  • The Secret of the Biological Clock
    10 Feb. 2023
    I saw a production of this delightful show, and it brought out the girl detective in my heart!
    3 Mar. 2019
    Ah, this is so good! It's a genuinely moving and romantic moment of connection that's complicated and unexpected and funny/sexy but not in the way you'd think. I'd be a big cheeseball and program it for Valentine's Day even though it isn't cheesy at all.
  • And Then, She Picks Up the Sword (Theatre-for-Teens version)
    21 Aug. 2018
    A hilarious skewed take on the "run off into the woods" genre of pastoral comedy. Lots of wild random plot elements that come together unexpectedly into a beautiful, cohesive, shivery end.
  • The Twelve Huntsmen
    21 Aug. 2018
    This play is delightful- funny and heartbreaking. If you are looking for an excellent play to do with young people that is insanely flexible, and majority female, you are doing yourself an absolute disservice by not putting this on your reading list immediately. The random performance order is a great hook that kids will love, and both the frame and each individual story are full of impactful and hilarious roles that kids will love playing.

    Side note: some wonderful deep cuts from the Grimms- I found myself thinking "why didn't I know these stories?"
  • Seagulls
    4 Apr. 2018
    I freakin' loved this show! I saw it twice in a fringe festival production at CMTF, and refused to shut up about it. It's very funny, very subtle, and very wise.
  • Old Broads
    31 Jan. 2018
    Sweet, tart, funny- a great showcase for older actresses.
  • The Outlaws of Gallica
    30 Jan. 2018
    A romp that wears its politics on its sleeve, combining the Robin Hood legend with historical revolutions. Marie (who is somewhere between Lloyd Dobler and a lesbian version of Robin Hood) is a such a sweet, funny, engaging protagonist. The cast is full of great female characters, villainous, heroic, and somewhere in between. With the action and the direct address, this would be a perfect large-cast outdoor show. It'd also be great for a high school that doesn't mind LGBTQ content, or a college group that wants something fun to perform on the quad that can also spark political discussion.
    15 Nov. 2017
    I picked this up and couldn't stop reading- the tension and the comedy kept me moving forward. Happens to be pretty timely right now, move quick.
  • Torak The Inadequate
    24 Sep. 2017
    This is a delightful large-cast adventure that takes the flavors and tropes of 80s fantasy in unexpected, and unexpectedly heartfelt directions. You might think you know this story, but you don't. It's not Conan, but it's also not a spoof of Conan where the dweeby little barbarian learns he's the true hero and gets back at the bullies. It's a story about community, it's hilarious, and it makes me happy. Produce this if you want to have a serious discussion about socialism and political economy but also desire giant puppets, sorcerer battles and shirtless dudes.
  • OR "the one with the dogs"
    11 Sep. 2017
    Nasty, engrossing, profane and fun. Dig into it with teeth.