Recommended by Reina Hardy

  • Rajpurr: Tale of a Tiger
    11 Sep. 2017
    This is a wonderful, kind and funny play. Stays far away from the expected talking animal stuff while delivering everything that makes kids love talking animals.
  • Johnny 10 Beers' Daughter
    26 May. 2017
    This play is an absolute knockout- devastating and subtle. It could be a hit nationwide, and it deserves to be. Yes, it has the tiny cast and the topical subject matter, but more importantly it is written like a bomb that will explode in the hearts of your audience.
  • A Perfect Robot
    2 Jul. 2014
    I'm so excited for this play! I've only seen an early draft, but it had so much to say to me personally about love and humanity. Also it was funny and strange and unexpected, and it has a robot in it.