Recommended by Seth Rozin

  • American Fast
    1 Jun. 2022
    I was so taken with this play that I moved pretty quickly to secure the rights to produce it as part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. It is at once wonderfully theatrical and deeply human, juxtaposing the highly secular world of American academia and college sports with the incredibly private and personal life of a Muslim mother and daughter. Rich with characters and conflicts that we rarely, if ever, see on stage.
  • Leon's Dictionary
    3 Mar. 2022
    I found this play to be very well-written, with five vividly detailed characters, and deeply explored themes of emigration and the conflicting attitudes of hope, desperation and paralysis. I read this prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and it felt resonant and relevant then; now it is scarily so.
  • All Our Yesterdays
    10 Feb. 2022
    This is a powerful and moving two-hander with great roles for two young actresses. While the subject matter is far from light -- a portrait of two Nigerian sisters kidnapped by Boko Haram -- the play is also about hope, family, the value of education.
  • White Pearl
    30 Apr. 2020
    This play jumped off the page for me for many reasons: (1) The world of the play -- a Singapore-based international cosmetics company -- is unique; (2) the 7-person cast includes six wonderfully delineated women from different Asian backgrounds; (3) it explores racism and the impact of colonialism from fresh, new, non-Western perspectives; and (4) it's genuinely engaging, entertaining, provocative and FUNNY!
  • Without Consent
    14 Feb. 2020
    I've read most of David's plays, and produced two, and I think Without Consent represents some of his best writing. Two strong characters locked in a room with high stakes is always a winner for me, and Without Consent does not disappoint. Timely, incisive and easy to produce, with great roles for two powerhouse actresses.
  • Man Measures Man
    15 Mar. 2019
    InterAct Theatre Company premiered this play in 2001 and I remain very compelled by the story. The play artfully preys on its audience the way that the young, traumatized refugee preys on the two well-meaning doctors. Sort of a cross between M*A*S*H and Primal Fear, but set in Bosnia...and a play.
  • Playing the Assassin
    15 Mar. 2019
    InterAct Theatre Company premiered this play under its original title, Assassin, and I was very proud of it. The characters are juicy and crystal clear, and the writing is taut. As the long term effects of violent sports on athletes continues to be scrutinized, this play will remain extremely relevant and highly engaging. A relatively easy two-hander to produce, and it packs quite the punch.
  • Three in the Back, Two in the Head
    13 Mar. 2019
    I found this play while browsing a theatre bookshop in Toronto and ended up sitting in the corner of the store reading the whole damn thing! And then I produced it at InterAct Theatre Company. At once a compelling family drama and a hard hitting and provocative political thriller, THREE IN THE BACK, TWO IN THE HEAD draws you into a web of geopolitical secrets that threaten to tear a family apart and possibly end the world as we know it.
  • It's All True
    13 Mar. 2019
    I had the great pleasure of directing the US premier of this terrific play in 2001. after seeing the outstanding original production in Toronto. From the moment the play starts, mid-argument between the iconic Orson Welles, Marc Blitzstein and John Housemen, you're on an extraordinary, true-life ride that is as deeply human as it is incisively political. It's a play about labor unions, love, and the unbelievable things we go through for the labor of all loves: live theatre. It was a huge hit for InterAct Theatre Company and I imagine it would do gangbusters for virtually any American theatre.
  • Draw the Circle
    1 May. 2016
    One of my most rewarding decisions as an artistic director was supporting the final leg of development and production for DRAW THE CIRCLE, as part of InterAct Theatre Company's "Outside the Frame" festival in 2012. This is a beautifully conceived piece that is humorous, enlightening, poignant and deeply human. It shouId be presented (or produced) in every city in the country.