Recommended by David A. Miller

  • A Beginner's Guide to Self-Loathing & Why We Say Goodbye
    20 Aug. 2023
    Heartfelt, funny, gut-wrenching. All of these things are true in this muscular play. The play is so theatrical in the way that it moves from scene to scene, moment to moment, character to character. The (repeated) unraveling of Everett's life is so engaging, even when infuriating (in the best of ways). It was a gift to get to know this play and this playwright at the Seven Devils Playwrights Conference.
  • Where All Good Rabbits Go
    20 Aug. 2023
    So moving and thought-provoking. The transformation images from this play are sticking with me, as are the questions: How do we grieve someone we know we are going to lose? Should we grieve them? How should we make the most of our final months, days, hours? And if we know that we are all going to turn into rabbits someday, then is there anything we can do to prepare ourselves and our loved ones?
  • The Astronots
    27 Jun. 2022
    A hilarious and poignant play that asks and explores the question, "WHY would a billionaire want to take a group of civilians into space with them?" I can't wait to see a fully staged production of this play.
  • Silence
    18 Apr. 2022
    The poetic language of the play and the visceral qualities of the play that takes place in "The Imagination, right now" are so rich. The world of Annanore, the Demon, and the Being is horrifying and heartfelt at the same time.
  • Fourth Planet
    18 Apr. 2022
    I had the pleasure of being part of the id Theater reading of the play in 2017. It continues to stick with me. The rich challenges of what we choose for ourselves and what we choose for other people is such an active struggle in this play. Dr. Garcia's allegiance to her family and to her expansive hopes and dreams are both so strong. I look forward to seeing this play fully staged.
  • You Are What You
    3 Sep. 2021
    Heartfelt, funny, poignant. A story of master masticators that asks the important question, "What are you running away from?" I love the complications between the two sisters, one a competitive eater and the other just-out-of-rehab for an eating disorder. I love that Pot Roast is a character, full of mystery and magic. The play is so theatrical and so moving.
  • The Bergerac Simulation
    12 Jul. 2021
    There is so much to love about this play. It's a smart, heart-filled, funny modern adaptation of Cyrano with Sara Bergerac at it's center. It doesn't just transpose the story to modern day but instead has a very specific point of view and stands on it's own as a play. The exploration of the artist's conundrum is so great, e.g. The playwright whose plays are actually funny, and therefore unproduced. References to rhinoplasty, "non-dis-nose-sure agreement", the female head scientist wears fake glasses to look smarter, the observation that "You cant just write emotions." are all gems.
  • The Body's Midnight
    9 Jun. 2021
    This is such a lovely journey, both very funny and really moving. There is so much in this play that richly explores the struggles of and the discoveries about the “aging brain.” The play explores the difficulties Anne faces because of her diminished faculties, but also explores the challenges faced by those who love her. Also, there are great Camper Van Beethoven references.