Recommended by Samantha Marchant

  • Hungry
    16 Nov. 2023
    I enjoyed how this play moves. The insertion of the minotaur felt right on so many levels.
  • Pink Moscato
    6 Nov. 2023
    The moscato may be warm but this script is chilling.
  • Room by the Sea
    19 Jan. 2023
    The parallels between situations and relationships are breathtakingly executed. Monologues paint beautiful images and I would love to see the wings.
  • Fairfarren
    10 Jan. 2023
    The flow of time in this script is AWESOME. The ending… wow.
  • The Christmas Tree Farm
    5 Jan. 2023
    I love how these vignettes weave together to capture the magic and wonder of Christmas time at a tree farm. I think they are ordered in a way that juxtaposes relationships and moments in life that will hit home for all different ages. Love and life is full of possibilities like "maybe [you'll] invent a better jello" I hope to see this script become a regular production during the holiday season.
  • The Last Great Act of Mankind
    3 Jan. 2023
    This script plays out a scenario many of us have thought of in a clever and satisfying way.
  • Wheel of Fortune Reversed
    31 Dec. 2022
    Michael really lives in the moment during his final moments as he asks and receives some bucket list items. This play reminds you to live and love.
  • FUNNY WORDS, a 5-minute sketch comedy
    30 Dec. 2022
    Who wouldn’t have fun with a script like this!
  • The Blouse That Swallowed Roma's Head: A 10-Minute Play
    29 Dec. 2022
    I love the cadence of this script. A joy to read and I bet even more so to hear.
  • 2 Bdrm 1 Bath
    28 Dec. 2022
    Cute growing pains of a young marriage in a small house. They grow together.