Recommended by Craig Houk

  • Cinderellis and His Fairy Wing-Woman
    17 Jun. 2021
    Damned if you do. Especially if you're a Fairy Godmother with a patchy track record. Conley presents us with Ellis, a lovelorn young man pining for a prince, who's expected to be heavily courted by many female suiters at a forthcoming celebration. Ellis's Fairy Godmother agrees to intervene, but gets a bit lost in her plans. Something tells me that the evening ahead will be an unmitigated disaster. Lots of fun banter in this clever two-hander, and Conley leverages other fairytales to great effect in the storytelling.
  • ITCH
    14 Jun. 2021
    Cathro presents us with a deeply layered & disturbing family dynamic exacerbated by a young man's (Richard) incurable inclination to scratch an itch on his back. This family is highly dysfunctional; their lives forever controlled & shaped by a single family member's psychological disorder. The one outsider in all of this is Gail, a young woman who has escaped an abusive relationship and is now living in the family's basement. Will Gail bring Richard some relief or is she simply exploiting his agony to distract from her own dismal life. Itch will get under your skin. Fascinating. Highly recommend.
  • Sirona Slick
    12 Jun. 2021
    A tender, passionate & sensual short play. Sivel and Attes are enjoying one another, but Sivel seems to be stuck. A haunting revelation darkens the mood, but Attes gently brings Sivel through. Trinidad does not present us with an idealistic version of relationships, but rather shows us how all relationships can thrive with just a little bit of patience and compassion. Beautiful writing. Highly recommend.
  • Forgive Us Our Debts
    10 Jun. 2021
    Can you put a price on a memory? With Forgive Us Our Debts, Williams does just that, and he does it with reams of heart and humor. This short play is altogether imaginative and meaningful. Luke's routine afternoon of gardening is interrupted by a young man, Jared, who has come to collect a debt. The money owed is insignificant, but the stories behind it are monumental. Beautifully devised characters and stellar dialogue as always.
    9 Jun. 2021
    A dazzling, heartrending, tension-filled short play. Lin has penned an altogether original tale of an Asian-American astronaut tasked with decommissioning the international space station, but unable to reach mission control to trigger her return to earth. The situation is dire and Penny Leung is forced to reflect on her life, her family, her influences and her fateful decision to travel in space. Lin also beautifully honors her culture and Kalpana Chawla, the first woman of Indian origin to go to space, who perished on Space Shuttle Columbia. The writing is sublime and the ending will leave you gasping. Highly recommend.
  • Picture Me Rollin' (one act)
    8 Jun. 2021
    A powerful play about grief and about coping with the loss of a loved one, and particularly a loved one whose body and whose breath remains, but surely not much else. Burbano also makes a very strong statement about hope & faith, and how both might hinder one's ability to let go and to move on. Sometimes hope & faith can bring more pain. So much to unpack and to ponder after reading this stunning piece. Some hauntingly beautiful monologues inside this play as well. Wonderfully done.
  • Hair Undone
    8 Jun. 2021
    An endearing & very funny slice-of-life moment between two women during a pandemic. Lala is desperate to have her hair done and Dee is the only one available. One minor problem: Dee is no hairdresser. The essence of Dee and Lala's durable friendship is expertly captured through some crackerjack dialogue in this short, heartfelt two hander. Having your hair done to appease your white colleagues seems like a necessary evil, but having your hair perfect for a FaceTime call with your mother is the heart and soul of this beautifully devised play. Highly recommend.
  • The Misfit Mantra
    8 Jun. 2021
    In ten short pages, Dellagiarino masterfully crafts a fast paced, very funny, and inconceivably profound tale of two artists flung together by a shithead named Matt and by their own equally miserable lives. Clarissa breaks into Jasper's apartment looking for purpose, but Jasper makes for a reluctant host. The two bond over their shared emptiness and their shared hatred of Matt's fucking delightful yellow star painting. Some of the best comedic dialogue ever put to paper. Absolutely brilliant! Highly recommend.
  • The Jake Dilemma
    8 Jun. 2021
    Aaliyah Warrington brilliantly captures the essence of college-aged angst and the struggles associated with being young, dim and drunk in today's world (though it seems much hasn't changed on that front). Aaron - obliterated, urinating & puking his guts out in an alley outside a nightclub - has fallen madly in love with Jake who is soon to be swept off his feet by Connor if Aaron doesn't get back into the club asap. Fantastic dialogue and a tightly crafted shoulder angel/devil tale filled with heart and lots of humor.
  • The Oktavist
    7 Jun. 2021
    Vince Gatton expertly weaves his enduring and brilliantly timed humor into this wholly original tale about a Russian priest/choir master who is compelled to share the hard truth with a young, newly betrothed scion (Dimitri) who insists he will be a successful oktavist after experiencing an epiphany during a choir performance. Perhaps young Dimitri's attraction to famed oktavist, Andrei Volkov, has little to do with his voice and more to do with his outward form. Exceptional dialogue, fresh & concise storytelling, sublimely comedic. Gatton is hands down one of the best writers out there. Highly recommend.