Recommended by Hank Kimmel

  • Right Field of Dreams
    25 Jan. 2023
    Lovely, touching, insightful play. My heart jumped up with the last crack of the bat! A relatable and evocative play.
  • Mark the Halls: A Made-for-TV Christmas Movie Musical!
    12 Dec. 2022
    I saw the shortened version -- and crowed with laughter. I am excited to at least quadruple my fun by seeing the full verson.
  • Ten Minutes 'til Christmas!
    12 Dec. 2022
    I saw a wonderful production of this play at the Dalton (GA) Little Theatre yesterday. Trust me when I say I've seen scores of twisted holiday plays, and this has to rate right at the top. I was howling throughout!!! Clever, well-wrriten and, in its own perverse way, touching,
  • A Shonda
    10 Jul. 2020
    loved reading this.
    I loved its eloquence, passion, compassion, and theatricality.
    I was engrossed the entire time reading it, and I imagine the experience with this play would be even deeper experiencing live on stage.
    I found the ending touching, surprising and well-earned.
  • Rights of Passage
    12 Jun. 2020
    These short plays wonderfully and comically and dramatically portray five important life cycle events -- in ways that are humorous, poignant and surprising. The characters are connected by the empathy they elicit. It was exciting to read these plays, I imagine it's even more glorious to see them on stage.
  • The B Is For Bullsh!t
    12 Jun. 2020
    I had the pleasure of seeing a virtual reading of this play recently, and it takes an intense and thought-provoking look into the ways we self-identify -- and how that self-identification affects our relationships with others. Smartly, sharply and bravely written.
    6 Jun. 2020
    A family drama that is spirited and well-crafted. It was gripping from being to end -- with the question of why rather than who and how. With the backdrop of an Israeli family, this raises specific details about their pain -- in a way that applies to many families of different faiths.
  • Movie Reel
    4 Jun. 2020
    After having read, seen, and heard many Zoom-related plays, I am quite taken with MOVIE REEL which conveys the mood and spirit of the day in a passionately lean way. It is a play that offers abundant staging possibilities, as it is a play that is open to various interpretations. To me, it would a fascinating showcase to see this play enacted by four different sets of actors/directors to see how they interpret the same material. The play is short, the dialogue clips along -- it would lend itself to this.
  • Old Goldilocks and the Two Bears, a 10-minute play
    4 Jun. 2020
    A delightful and unique take on the Goldilocks story -- as an elderly American backpacker finds refuge in an enchanted part of Spain.
  • Cool Metal
    3 Jun. 2020
    This is a gripping "love story" that had me racing toward the end to see what this couple was going to choose to do with their futures. I found myself entranced by the lean, efficient dialogue -- and the couple's "cool" desire to connect. I took a deep breath at the end. This was a real treat to read.