Recommended by Briandaniel Oglesby

  • John Proctor is the Villain
    1 Aug. 2019
    Anyone interested in producing The Crucible should read this play.
    2 Feb. 2019
    When I was looking for monologues to use as acting exercises with a couple middle schoolers, I dug into Asher's work. His monologues are clean and clear. They are not just good for acting exercises, but a performance of these would make for a great classroom project where every student would have some individual challenge.
  • The Play That Used to be Titled "1247 Likes" Decides to Go Dancing in The Cemetery: a new play with its own agency
    9 Oct. 2017
    This play is bonkers in all the right ways. It's an experience. It's brilliantly written, taught me a few things about writing just listening to it. It's the kind of play that needs to be read a couple times to really understand it.
  • Glassheart
    14 Jul. 2015
    This play is charming. And it's charmed. I first read it when I was Lit Manager for Barnyard Theatre, and I loved it. I was lucky enough to see it produced in Austin, and the charm of the page leaps right onto the stage.
  • Scarlet Letter
    14 Jul. 2015
    Sarah's adaptation is lovely, both elevated and accessible, and a great play for any community that wants to interrogate the terrible problem of shame.