Recommended by Michael R. McGuire

  • Champagne and Licorice
    9 Apr. 2020
    A funny and moving drama about an unusual family coming to terms with one another before it's too late. Beautifully and realistically drawn characters and a plot that can't be easily predicted. All this and a clown, too!
  • Midcentury Modern
    2 Apr. 2020
    A thoroughly modern ghost story. Characters you can believe are real, smart dialogue, and a riveting story in which a troubled couple from right now realize that their problems aren't so different from those of the first couple to inhabit their new home.
  • The Continued Adventures of Super Dan and Super Kelli
    13 Feb. 2019
    As somebody who drew comics in his bedroom as a child and was also given to unrequited crushes, this play is fantastic. Well-written, theatrical, surprising, delightful. Contrasts the lightness of childhood with the darkness of adulthood.
  • The Place That Made You
    6 Oct. 2018
    A haunting and heartbreaking tale of loss and alienation in small town America. A beautifully theatrical play.
  • Minotaurs. Toreros.
    3 Oct. 2018
    A beautiful, dreamlike play that features a woman bullfighter. I saw an early production and fell in love.
  • Strange Aeons and Free Hot Dogs
    3 Oct. 2018
    Funny, moves along, and contains two of my favorite things: Cthulhu and hotdogs.