Recommended by Caridad Svich

    16 Sep. 2023
    A dynamic, passionate historical drama, THE ROCKET MEN is an illuminating ride into a complex, fascinating and difficult chapter in world and US history. Skillman's compelling drama is epic in scope.
  • in a way that matters
    27 Feb. 2023
    an emotionally open, direct and vulnerable piece of performance from this talented theatre-maker. moving and clear-eyed work, and ambitious too.
  • FUKT
    7 Nov. 2022
    A disarmingly funny, sad/sharp autobiographical play about living with and through trauma. Written with passion and heart and genuine desire to create healing space."
  • Sapience
    27 Sep. 2021
    A wryly, mournfully funny play about the delicate interconnections between humans and animals. A play about science, autism and the pressures of hyper-normalization in a culture that stresses ableism at nearly all costs. Written with affection, warmth and compassion.
    27 Sep. 2021
    Powerful, truthful, heartfelt piece about the persistent microaggressions at play in a private Quaker school where there are only two Black teachers. Tackling systemic racism head-on, Malakhow writes with accuracy, pain and maturity about the complex and unresolved spaces in which the US and its education system find themselves when it comes to true diversity, equity and inclusion.
    15 Mar. 2021
    "A beautiful, lyrical, mordantly funny play. surprising, quiet, absurdist and surreal in an eerie way. written with precision, affection, and tenderness."
  • You Hateful Things
    24 Sep. 2020
    A very dark comedy about the darkness at the heart of white supremacy. Alternately grotesque and matter-of-fact in mode, this play about gasping, dysfunctional patriarchal white cis-het rule in an extended family peopled by Black, white, mixed race and LGBTQ folx is hurtling tragic-absurdist scream written with Arbery's wry, dry, volatile rage and clear-eyed ability to stare into the darkest of souls. Yes, it's a play about hate, and how hate is sustained by adoration. But it's also about living in a land that thrives on hate to assert its power.
  • Wheelchair
    9 Jan. 2020
    Truth, loneliness, the difficulty of human connection and how things can sometimes tell our stories. An experiment in real time. A tender, intimate slice of life this side of absurd. Told with joy and honesty.
    6 Dec. 2019
    Thoughtful, mischievous, and anguished dissection of minstrel show tropes and legacies of systemic racism and capitalism. Vivid language and imagery. Sustained attention to detail in a nearly forensic manner.
  • A Play about David Mamet Writing a Play about Harvey Weinstein
    5 Sep. 2019
    An intelligent, passionate-vicious howl of a rage play about rage and entitlement, and the lies that uphold some "truths" in culture. A satire. With teeth.