Recommended by Caridad Svich

  • Heroes of the Fourth Turning
    19 Aug. 2019
    A beautifully compassionate rendering of a community in flux, living lives of quiet desperation. A unique lens on intelligent conservative Catholicism and its disciples during the Trump era. Wry, sly writing - passionate and deceptively unruly.
  • Milk and Gall
    1 May. 2019
    An intelligent, perceptive and surprising piece about motherhood, patriarchy, feminism, guilt, privilege, and the disorientating head-and-body space of being a new mom in what feels like a new world order, or is it?
  • Consumed
    11 Dec. 2018
    A heartfelt exploration of familial guilt, trauma and shame, written with compassion and care, steeped in American realist dramatic tradition.
  • three girls never learnt the way home
    9 Dec. 2018
    A haunting play about who is seen and who is not seen in this world, and whose stories get told and why, and what happens to three high school girls caught in, but struggling to break free of systems outside their control."
    18 Nov. 2018
    a world of pain and anomie, rebellion and almost friendship, a story of women torn from themselves, at the root, and trying to somehow re-member who they are. written with verve and go-for-broke-ness in every way.
  • Bruise & Thorn
    8 Nov. 2018
    BRUISE & THORN is a joyous, rollicking ride of a play. Written with fierce love and humor and wit and passion. It dreams big dreams for its fam of characters and gives them permission to be real. Such humanity and wry sweetness in this big-hearted, very funny, queer as fuq play.
  • The Place That Made You
    4 Oct. 2018
    THE PLACE THAT MADE YOU is a haunting (in multiple senses) play about the way the past chases us, how grief works on the body, and how the wars we carry inside and out are both gulf and bridge toward re-locating a sense of home when all seems lost. Written with compassion and purpose and an edgy surrealism full of wonder.
    13 Jul. 2018
    A wild, thrilling ride through millennial age activism, coming of age, and finding a way through the consequences of human-made climate change issues. Smart, funny, tender and moving. This play is written with a direct human connection with audiences in mind. It has heart and passion and love, and daring, too.
  • Welcome to Keene, New Hampshire
    2 May. 2018
    A heartfelt evocation of loss in a community. Written with an assured point of view, compassion and beautiful outrage. Deceptive on the page - the play sneaks up on you in a quiet manner caught as it is between comedy and tragedy and the complexities of depicting the human condition.