Recommended by Jake Lewis

  • failing at a 1-page play festival
    24 Dec. 2021
    A richly dark comedy, it raises the question many ask: How do you write a one minute play? The irony is, of course, that Mabey succeeds at the form here (as he does with all his works), and quickly conveys the Faustian deals playwrights may be willing to make for the sake of their art. In the end, Mabey wins the top prize.
  • A 3-act, centuries-long love affair (abridged)
    24 Dec. 2021
    John Mabey takes the vampire story and gives it a rush of new life in only a few pages. As usual, Mabey goes for the comedic jugular and yet still avoids the predictable cliches inherent in this genre. A fun romp through the centuries that exposes the heart of its characters and writer.
  • I'll Be Here
    21 Dec. 2021
    A bittersweet short play about the often tumultuous, but ultimately loving, relationship between fathers and sons. Williams' tender writing is the cool breeze and birdsong of the play's setting, and how the power of forgiveness and self-reflection can lead the way to healing.
  • Birthright
    21 Nov. 2021
    My company produced this as a radio play and we had a lot of fun with it. An homage to early horror films as well as the rare Jewish theatre find, it’s an accessible piece for all audiences that delight anyone whether in audio or staged format.
  • The Berenstain Bearadox
    21 Nov. 2021
    As a child of the 80s and someone who has all the BerenSTEIN Bear books, it felt like a conversation I might have with my own kids (and myself). Lipschutz conveys an entire arc of a story in a minute, with humor and heart.
  • Waiting Room
    5 Oct. 2021
    Instead of spouting needless exposition over many pages, Kaplan tells a story that is all-too relevant in our times, but without being in our face about the greater message.
  • Every Seven Minutes
    22 Feb. 2020
    I was fortunate to be in this show last year, and was amazed at its deftness at originality and range of emotion. A clever premise evolves into a larger story about Fate and one's responsbility to their fellow man. Heady stuff, sure, but Preuss attacks it with gusto and heart. What a gift to theatre!
  • A Bedtime Story
    22 Feb. 2020
    I directed this play approximately 1.5 years ago, and even now the writing still sticks with me. One of the ways you know this is a great work is that it continues to gain dimension with each successive read. For a director, that's a remarkable feat; a living, growing thing, not just words on a page. Further, there are so many different ways to take this story that has one of my favorite storytelling frames: magical realism. As a playwright myself, it's the kind of show I wish I'd written.