Recommended by Stephen Kaplan

  • Distant Neighbors
    20 Jun. 2017
    Though there's the sci-fi element of a crashed space ship, this is an entirely human story about how we long to connect and sometimes just need a bit of a kick in the pants (or a space ship in the yard) to allow ourselves to open up to someone else. The play inspires as it is entirely relatable in its honesty and simplicity.
  • Jasper
    19 Jun. 2017
    A powerful look at parenting in general, but especially at parenting a disabled child. MacDermott elegantly and honestly exposes both the love and claustrophobic imprisonment that parents feel, but, with a deft hand, allows for the humor and joy to come out as well.
  • Ghost Stories
    16 Jun. 2017
    The poetry in the language of this play makes it feel like dreams do - often terrifying, often totally clear, often frustratingly elusive but then you catch a glimpse of the truth and you hold on hard. This play captures all of these elements and forces its reader and audience to let go and sail along exploring time, space, and memory.
  • Connected
    16 Jun. 2017
    This play constantly surprised me in how the eponymous connections occur. Touching, hilarious, devastating...these characters are recognizable and truly human. And the worlds that we are brought into are ones that resonate even if they're unfamiliar - through her clear writing, Lia makes them familiar. I had the privilege of seeing a production and it still stays with me, even months afterwards - the mark of a strong and effective piece.
  • A Discourse on the Wonders Of The Invisible World
    5 Nov. 2015
    A great "sequel" to The Crucible that gives Abigail's character so much more depth and explores further ideas of persecution and the reasons people do the things they do. The language of the play feels appropriately fitting to the time period and it's great to see strong female characters.
  • SAFE
    1 Aug. 2015
    Using the two time settings, the play beautifully and sadly captures the effects of bullying and societal pressures on teens and their long-lasting aftermath. Easily relatable to audiences of all ages and important to see by mixed audiences as well.
    1 Aug. 2015
    Unflaggingly confident in its portrayal of characters that behave like real people as their realistic complicated selves - it's refreshing to see such a strongly developed female leading character in this intricate and morally convoluted world.
    1 Aug. 2015
    Quirky and laugh out loud funny, it really nails our reliance on and addiction to social media and how it affects the reality of our lives.
    1 Aug. 2015
    I've always been interested in gay life in this part of the century and Donna's given us an ensemble of engaging and relatable characters that provide an insight into what it was like to live at this time.
    1 Aug. 2015
    A riveting piece of theatre that had me yelling at the characters because I was so kept me guessing and made me think long and hard about my own assumptions.