Recommended by Greg Lam

  • Saving The Playhouses
    17 Apr. 2019
    An expansive imagining of the wheelings and dealings involved in the business behind the scenes of Shakespeare's England. The play is brimming with research about various real life figures brought to life by Fristrom's sure hand. This playwright will be featured in a future episode of Boston Podcast Players (
  • Nurse Play
    17 Apr. 2019
    Wild and over the top. A battle of wills between two strange adversaries. NURSE PLAY crackles with sinister energy throughout and ends in a shocking crescendo. This playwright will be featured in a future episode of the Boston Podcast Players podcast (
  • Corrections
    17 Apr. 2019
    A well-observed, taut character piece about two people trying to find their way forward in an unexpected life situation. Martin's dialogue is observant and sharp, her handling of the characters sensitive and knowing. This playwright will be featured on a future episode of Boston Podcast Players (
  • Deal Me Out
    5 Mar. 2019
    An intriguing look at group dynamics which lets us sit in on a longstanding board gaming group which has decided that one of its members has to leave for the sake of the whole in the wake of the 2016 election. Halberstadt uses sharply drawn characters which lets the issues percolate beneath the surface, and the boardgaming culture is done justice with well chosen references. The play be featured in an upcoming episode of Boston Podcast Players (
  • Rocks Algae Water Stars
    26 Jan. 2019
    A funny and oddly touching imagining of the inner lives of the two Mars rovers, as personified by two human actors, searching for a purpose that may or may not be there on the seemingly barren rock to which they've been conscripted, and comradery amongst robots.
  • The New Galileos
    26 Jan. 2019
    I heard this play read on the Parsnip Ship podcast, and it's my favorite of that series. A very chilling and not-quite-as-far-fetched-as-we'd-like scenario of the government using extraordinary means of coercion to alter the conversation on climate change to a way that suits them at a terrible human cost. The writing is disciplined and compelling, the characters distinct.
  • Brikelak
    26 Jan. 2019
    I saw this pretty genius sci-fi play at the Navigators Theater in New York as part of their Lift-Off Festival. A concise and amusing conceit of a human in an apocalyptic Earth stumbling upon the means to communicate with a low level invading alien. World building is something done seamlessly and entertainingly. Through the newly discovered form of communication, we see the things that they learn they share in common, and in what ways, ultimately, they differ.
  • Cleanliness, Godliness, and Madness: A User's Guide
    5 Dec. 2018
    A political satire first produced in the run-up to the 2016 election. Sadly, it's more relevant than ever! A searing indictment of right wing demagoguery by characters who are not living up to their preaching. It's a multimedia script, with visuals occasionally commenting on the action on stage. With that said, it's also very funny and adventurous and not just a one-sided polemic. Speaking with the playwright for my podcast, a surprising amount of the seemingly cartoonish demagogues was drawn from her own family upbringing.

    This play is an episode of Boston Podcast Players (
  • Mox Nox
    5 Dec. 2018
    An intriguing and beguiling play that uses a post-apocalypticish setting as the background to a fractured family drama. The sisters decay physically and mentally while the world falls apart around them. Having talked with the playwright, I never would have guessed that the starting point of writing this play was as a vehicle for featuring stage magic. This would be very interesting to see live.

    This play will be featured in a future episode of Boston Podcast Players (
  • Queen of Sad Mischance
    14 Nov. 2018
    This is a very engaging three person play in which a storied academic with declining faculties jibes with her latest assistant who is trying to get a foothold in academia herself. The writing is so precise and the voices of the characters are so very distinct. It wears its intellect on its sleeve but is still accessible on a character level. An actor's dream.

    The Queen of Sad Mischance is featured on the December 2018 episode of the Boston Podcast Players podcast (