Recommended by Greg Lam

  • The Berlin Diaries
    6 Nov. 2022
    An innovative storytelling device aids Stolowitz in recounting her search for truth in her family's history during World War 2. The right two actors would savor the challenge of inhabiting 14 characters, often having them trade lines as the same character while performing a monologue. The fascinating stagecraft is in service of a moving autobiographical story.
  • Bite Me
    6 Nov. 2022
    An incredibly affecting play which takes you back to the high stakes drama (and trauma) of fitting in at high school. The two characters try to navigate the treacherous waters of high school and form an unlikely bond. We scream at them internally as we see them heading towards huge mistakes that will haunt them. The second scene years later shows them both having progressed in life, but still affected by the same battles as they did in high school. Pipes handles the characters with care, humor, and empathy.
  • Sisters
    14 Sep. 2022
    This sci-fi play about a woman and her sister (who happens to be an Artificial Intelligence program) is one of the most emotionally impactful things I've read in quite a while. To say more would be to deprive you of discovering the pleasures of this play for yourself. So don't read anything else. Just download it and read it, OK? Trust me.
  • In A Darkroom, The Lord Knows
    23 Jun. 2022
    Two-character high school play in a school self-defined by its devotion to Christianity. The world building of this specific school environment is spot on, and this short, revealing piece delivers.
  • Echoes of a Hollow Body
    21 Jun. 2022
    A three-character study of small-town life. The three characters all care for one another in a way but are uncertain about how the relationship between the younger characters should develop, with past events casting a shadow on the future. DeCarlo breathes life into the well-drawn characters to allow the plot to unfold organically.
  • see in the dark
    21 Jun. 2022
    Bold interplay between post-apocalyptic world building and a fabulist style of theatremaking using masks, puppetry, and magical realist aspects. The result is a fresh attempt at making a new myth for the modern age.
  • Kill Shelter
    21 Jun. 2022
    An intensely moving and empathic portrait of a single mother who is raising a 17-year-old daughter and also running an animal shelter that must, at times, euthanize animals in order to make room for new ones when adoptive families cannot be found. There is a wonderful level of detail in this richly drawn slice of life, and the main character’s connection with the animals that she cares for is surprising and affecting.
  • The Macbethest Christmas Pageant Spectaculathon...Ever!
    21 Jun. 2022
    Some people like a Christmas story.
    Some people like a Shakespeare parody.
    Some people like a bawdy romp.
    The Macbethest Christmas Pageant Spectaculathon… Ever! is for those who’d like all three blended up into a Christmas porridge of transcendent silliness. Laugh out loud, but not for the kids.
  • The Poet, The Spy, and the Dark Lady
    21 Jun. 2022
    A polished, multilayered, and delightful reimagining which has Shakespeare, Kit Marlowe and The Dark Lady as a polyamorous throuple in London. Political intrigue, conflicting agendas, and forces beyond their control act upon the three loving people who just want to be together and create. McClain deftly shifts between intrigue, comedy, and romance with a great eye for detail, an ear for dialogue that is period-seeming but not contrived-sounding, and an assured sense of pace and tone.
  • If nobody does remarkable things
    21 Jun. 2022
    The story of a former high-profile climate activist now dealing with a deteriorating environment who has to decide whether to take up the fight again with someone who betrayed her trust. Or else stay on the sidelines, in the comfort of a loving family? Shades of Amy Berryman’s Walden in tone and theme, but with its own unique well-drawn world and indelible characters.