Recommended by Sheila Cowley

  • Birth Witches
    22 Apr. 2015
    A powerful play of difficult truths, and so much I didn't know about how midwives were treated when doctors started practicing surgery. The brave young healer and the boy she loves, scarred from doctor's instruments, are the heart of a moving story.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog!)
    22 Apr. 2015
    Great fun and inspirational - sure felt like I needed to rush out and buy a telescope after the show.
  • Speed of Light
    19 Apr. 2015
    A cold, complex and realistic, very haunting world. Determined characters, intense struggles and a gritty sci fi atmosphere not unlike Firefly.

    Months later, I still think about it.
  • Shatter the Sky
    19 Apr. 2015
    Hip, edgy and timeless. Shatter the Sky finds Orestes, Electra, Menelaeus and Helen all modern-just-like-us but still drives the story with the deep passion of Greek tragedy.

    The ending is pure poetry. The stage directions will inspire designers, along with script notes like this: "Enjoy the humor and trust the largeness of the world. Give your heart. Don't fear the melodrama."
  • Medusa Undone
    18 Apr. 2015
    What starts out as as a witty romance turns into Medusa's origin story. Poseidon is a charming rogue and Medusa a beautiful, determined woman trying to find her place in the world, and madly in love with Athena. Beautifully paced and building to a chilling start to the Greek myths we all remember, Poseidon's familiar justification for rape is realistically presented as Medusa becomes a woman who knows who she is, even cursed.

    An intimate epic that will spur discussion. I'd love to see this onstage - Medusa and Poseidon are deliciously complex characters that actors and audiences will relish.