Recommended by Sheila Cowley

  • Wet or, Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes
    1 Jun. 2015
    The best page one I've ever read. And that's just the first spark of a rip-roaring tale of action and poetry, wild lady pirates, laughs and profound longing - with a wonderfully questioning ending. The sound and lighting cues are simple but beautiful - it would make a wonderful production.
  • Birth Witches
    22 Apr. 2015
    A powerful play of difficult truths, and so much I didn't know about how midwives were treated when doctors started practicing surgery. The brave young healer and the boy she loves, scarred from doctor's instruments, are the heart of a moving story.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dr. Wonderful (And Her Dog!)
    22 Apr. 2015
    Great fun and inspirational - sure felt like I needed to rush out and buy a telescope after the show.
  • Blackberry Winter
    20 Apr. 2015
    Vivienne is the richest character, like every Southern lady in my family, every family friend - still smiling and baking and putting the best face on trauma. So many painful details but she is still making jokes and trying to keep her spirits up and keep her family and her job together while her mother-daughter roles turn upside-down. Her feelings are real throughout, even when wondering if it would be the kindest thing to kill her mom, and whether she could. It's a truly wonderful, amazing play given fantastic depth by the surreal creation myth running throughout.
  • Speed of Light
    19 Apr. 2015
    A cold, complex and realistic, very haunting world. Determined characters, intense struggles and a gritty sci fi atmosphere not unlike Firefly.

    Months later, I still think about it.
  • Shatter the Sky
    19 Apr. 2015
    Hip, edgy and timeless. Shatter the Sky finds Orestes, Electra, Menelaeus and Helen all modern-just-like-us but still drives the story with the deep passion of Greek tragedy.

    The ending is pure poetry. The stage directions will inspire designers, along with script notes like this: "Enjoy the humor and trust the largeness of the world. Give your heart. Don't fear the melodrama."
  • Medusa Undone
    18 Apr. 2015
    What starts out as as a witty romance turns into Medusa's origin story. Poseidon is a charming rogue and Medusa a beautiful, determined woman trying to find her place in the world, and madly in love with Athena. Beautifully paced and building to a chilling start to the Greek myths we all remember, Poseidon's familiar justification for rape is realistically presented as Medusa becomes a woman who knows who she is, even cursed.

    An intimate epic that will spur discussion. I'd love to see this onstage - Medusa and Poseidon are deliciously complex characters that actors and audiences will relish.