Recommended by Emily McClain

  • This Cow and That Trombone
    18 Feb. 2024
    What a gorgeous love letter to the power of creative expression! Read this play and be as delighted as I am by Steve Martin's ability to distill the complexity of human experience into an "udderly" charming play (HA! Cow puns!). The relationship between the characters is dynamic and completely relatable, and this would be an amazing addition to a ten minute play festival!
  • Backstage Fairytale
    18 Feb. 2024
    This play is a wonderful homage to classic romantic comedies, but viewed through a distinctly contemporary lens. Adam and Celeste are complicated characters and their shared history creates tension as they work through the pain of their past and explore the promise of a future. I had a fantastic time directing this piece with Yellowhammer Theatre Group and the audience reponse was overwhelmingly positive, appreciating the comedic elements and the emotional truth of the play. Excellent work Michael!
  • Do Us Part
    12 Feb. 2024
    What starts as a sweet-but-sad commentary on the challenges of dating after the loss of a beloved partner changes into something much more broadly relatable on a less ethereal plane, and the resulting conclusion is quite hilarious! This would be an awesome addition to a spooky themed short play festival!
  • Into Me (A Love Story)
    12 Feb. 2024
    The fantastical/mythical elements of this play don't take away from the deeply felt longing and loneliness that often accompanies someone attempting to connect with an old flame. The connection, when it finally occurs, is intense! Beautifully written!
  • The Camera, The Gerbil, and the Big, Wide World
    31 Jan. 2024
    A hauntingly accurate portrayal of childhood friendship, the first awkward tip-toes into adolesence, and the painful realization in adulthood that these precious fleeting moments represent far more than we realize in the moment as children. A gorgeous short play!
  • The Geometry of You (a monologue)
    31 Jan. 2024
    The best monologues stand alone in the character's arc but also build a world with the richness of a full length play. Scott Sickles' THE GEOMETRY OF YOU is easily such a monologue. By the end of this emotional journey, we're longing to see the next phase of the story! A wonderful piece of theatre!
  • The Brotherhood of the Sloth
    14 Jan. 2024
    The way this play plants the seeds of recognition connecting these annoying, everyday events we all experience to a larger well-organized global conspiracy is so clever! Suddenly you're seeing the signs everywhere.... so just know if you read this, you're walking into an eye-opening experience you can't "un-know." You've been warned!
  • The Graveyard Shift Bites
    14 Jan. 2024
    I very much appreciated that even though the world is falling apart around them, the commitment to quality service is still top priority at The Meat Shack. Darkly comic and just the right amount of zombie-gore! Great work!
  • I Don't DO Holidays
    3 Jan. 2024
    If you are like me and you have a complicated relationship with the holidays, much of what Veruth says will ring true. If you are a holiday zealot (no offense intended) you might see yourself in Piotr. If you are a thinking person, you will appreciate the dark satire Daniel Prillaman serves up with a delicious side of comic violence. The connection between the characters and the authentic desire to come to some mutual understanding gives the play unexpected emotional resonance too. Just read it. It's brilliant.
  • KRAMPUS MY STYLE - a monologue
    31 Dec. 2023
    I really sympathize with Krampus (a sentence I never saw myself writing before...) because in Monica Cross' delightful monologue, he makes so many GREAT points! We are a culture of all carrots, no sticks. Bring back Krampusnacht! You've got nothing to worry about if you're good, right?
    Excellent work Monica!