Recommended by Emily McClain

  • Earth and Moon
    22 Apr. 2023
    We should all be so lucky to have a friend like Moon who tells Earth the truth and refuses to let us disconnect from reality. This really smart play would be a brilliant opener to a panel on climate change or in a festival of environmental-based plays. It prompts discussion with the allegory of a friend staging a much-needed intervention with a friend who is trouble. Excellent work!
  • The Happy Incident on Aisle 5 of the Delicioso Food Market & Deli at 11:47 P.M., or, In Passing [a 1-minute play]
    22 Apr. 2023
    We all need more whimsy in our lives and Steve Martin's delightful 1-minute play delivers a meaningful moment shared between strangers at a grocery store. It made my heart lighter to read it! Wonderful work!
  • The Polycule: A Comedy of Manners
    30 Mar. 2023
    A perfect satire of the complexities and piccadillos of polyamorous life. Moliere would be absolutely delighted by this titilating verse comedy-- and contemporary readers and audiences will too. A truely exceptional comedy of manners for the 21st century! I'm simply tartuffified! :)
  • Podcast Magic - A ONE MINUTE PLAY
    29 Mar. 2023
    This short play is an absolute delight and so spot-on accurate! So what if I find gristly descriptions of crimes retold by soothing female voices to be the perfect thing to fall asleep to? Mind your business! Thank you for making me feel very validated and seen, Debra!
  • Untimely, or, the Joy of Procrastination
    22 Jan. 2023
    I saw myself so deeply in Chuck's panic and frustration at Ginny's complete unflappable nature- I often ask my perpetually last-minute friends 'WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?!?!" And yet, in the gentle and humorous way that is so representative of Martin's work and worldview, this play reflects the idea that Ginny's way isn't worse than Chuck's- it's just different. Love it!
  • MOSQUITO LORE [short version]
    20 Jan. 2023
    What a fascinating reimagining of the Greek myth of Daphne and Apollo- Sunset Boulevard meets Metamorphoses. There are so many intriguing staging possibilities for this piece that could be amazing for a creative director. You'll never look at a mosquito bite quite the same way again!
  • Romeo & Her Sister
    20 Jan. 2023
    I absolutely devoured this play! The sharpness of the dialogue and the richness of the characters drew me in from the first scene. This script hits all the sweet spots: untold stories about women, queer history, comedy of manners, "inside baseball" style theatre jokes, Shakespeare.... It has EVERYTHING! Entertaining read from start to finish. Excellent work! This play deserves to be seen!
  • A Thousand Points
    15 Jan. 2023
    This play resonated with me as an educator, facing down an angry parent who refuses to acknowledge a painful truth about their child. Cathro always creates high emotional stakes in his plays, and this one is no exception. It's such a great character piece for all three performers- and we are left with the chilling realization that Ty's mother is going to continue to cover for him well into his college years and beyond, and what the ramifications of that could mean.
    15 Jan. 2023
    This play reminds me so much of every time Neil deGrasse Tyson goes on a Tweetstorm about scientific inaccuracies in movies. Monica Cross perfectly captures the well-meaning but pedantic intentions of people who are obsessed with factual accuracy in place of emotional resonance. This script is so clever and the button on the end is sweet, hopeful--and I found it refreshing to see a "showmance" relationship can blossom even in the Far Future. Well done!
  • Cäterwäul
    15 Jan. 2023
    The deep sincerity all the teen characters have in this short play is matched only by the triviality of their situation- and Dominica Plummer understands the intensity of teen emotions and utilizes that understanding to great effect. Sadly, weather and circumstances prevent us from getting to hear the band actually play (perhaps that's for the best?) but given the size of the egos involved in the arguments in the bandroom waiting to go on and perform, we would have been in for a real trip! Great work!