Recommended by Hollis Beck

  • High School Coven
    29 Jul. 2019
    Nobody writes about high school girls like Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin. High School Coven is touching in its honesty, startling in its boldness, and contains one of the hardest-hitting monologues about rape culture that I have ever read. Will make you laugh, then feel, then take action.
  • ...and a dog named Jesus
    29 Jul. 2019
    A wild journey that subverts the romantic comedy, weaves an intriguing tale of ambition and revenge keeps raising the stakes far past the audience's imaginings. Smart, biting, and there's a dog too! Highly recommend!
  • Blue
    27 Jul. 2019
    An engaging and emotional extension of video game lore that wonderfully balances 90's nostalgia with a meditation on the price of fame, recovering from trauma and the steps one takes to move forward when they've been broken. Highly recommend!
  • You'll Catch Flies
    24 Jul. 2019
    An engrossing deep-dive into privacy in the age of the smartphone, the tenuous nature of intimacy and maladaptive behaviors in close-knit friend groups that entertains and unsettles in turns. Highly recommend!
  • Ridgway
    21 Jul. 2019
    In Ridgway, O'Leary has created an experience; an eerie road trip through America's past and present that experiments with different forms of communication, whether remote or direct. Chilling, intriguing, and persistently relevant.
  • Generation (Laz)Y
    18 Jul. 2019
    A biting satire that takes square aim at each criticism of the Millenial generation and fires back on all cylinders. Funny, precise, and unafraid to get weird. Highly recommend!