Recommended by Ken Love

  • JOY RIDE, a 10-minute comedic fantasy for two women
    22 Jun. 2024
    Ten minutes of flight, humor, and transcendance. Do the moments take place in real time . . . or in the afterlife? Certainly, things to be pondered by readers and the audience. "Joy Ride" is yet another example of Arianna Rose' all-embracing talent. Nicely done!
    22 Jun. 2024
    Magic realism and comedy, when mixed skillfully and well, are an absolute joy to behold. Like the filmmaker Luis Bunuel, James Binz instinctively abides by the surrealist cardinal rule of never taking yourself too seriously. Yet there is no doubt that this man is seriously talented. "Quesy" demands a full production. And I, as a fellow writer, look forward to reading more of Mr. Binz' work.
  • The Middleman
    22 Jun. 2024
    The best theater works as metaphor. Great theater, on the other hand, ascends to the level of parable. "The Middleman" is a short work of biting comedy, yes. But it's also filled with insite and wisdom. A foreboding wisdom, if you will. A cautionary tale of epic proportions. Must be seen!
  • 18,936 Steps (A Monologue)
    22 Jun. 2024
    This short, incisive piece is like a feast for an actress with a ravenouse theatrical appetite, a feast waiting to be devoured in one visceral sitting. Reading this work is fulfilling enough. But to see it performed by a highly capable actress would be a cherished experience. Nicely done yet again, Madam Rachel!!!
  • An Audience of One
    21 Jun. 2024
    As I read "An Audience of One", I felt the threnody of pain and isolation embodied in this work by each of the characters, who carry multitudes despite the brevity of their execution. The "outburst" from the Hero is a showstopper and a cry from a soul perpetually lost in an urban wilderness. Nicely done!
    21 Jun. 2024
    Part of why the elements of horror and nightmare work so well in Debra A. Cole's "Dream House" is that everything about the play is couched so snugly in the banalities of real life. Nevertheless, the young couple's plight is very similar to a fairy tale, in which a mundane walk through the woods (or the park) is interrupted by the encounter of a real and formidable monster. And I do not use the word "real" lightly. Highly recommended!!
  • Gun Safe
    19 Jun. 2024
    Gun violence in schools. Bullying. Extremism. And the dilemma of parenting in 21st Century America. This is the living hell depicted in Michael C. O'Day's "Gun Safe". The play is suffocating in the sense that it offers no way out of its amoral conundrum. One can only imagine the impact of a live performance.
  • An Arctic Confederate Christmas
    18 Jun. 2024
    I've read and seen many dystopian, futuristic plays. And I have seen many dystopian, futuristic films. Michael C. O'Day's "An Arctic Confederate Christmas" is a dystopian, futuristic work like no other. The play has a hard grip on the senses, and raises itself to the level of parable. A play that is darkly humorous, unsettling, and so utterly relevant to our troubled times. And that's a problem!
    16 Jun. 2024
    Even in today's troubled times, few writers are willing to tackle satire, in the true sense. Michele Clarke's "Third Time's The Charm" fits the bill to perfection. Humor, irony and a relishing wickedness! George Bernard Shaw would love it!!!
  • Tracks
    16 Jun. 2024
    This bleak, stark short play is like a razor blade to the gut. Everything about this work feels and is on edge. And Aly Kantor's play works well due a touch of wit throughout. Chilling. Damning in its poetry. Nice work!