Recommended by Eric Pfeffinger

  • Play By Play (a collection of tiny little plays) (1 hour)
    25 Aug. 2022
    Between this collection's casual erudition, offbeat humor and ruthless sense of economy, the most obvious point of comparison is David Ives. But I think I may actually prefer Mark's execution of the short-form anthology: it's warmer, more ingenious, and it holds together with the kind of unified eclecticism that binds together the best short story collections. I'd love this play even more if I weren't so mad that I didn't write it.
  • Everything Indian
    24 Apr. 2022
    This play is a nonstop delight -- clever and wise and insightful and just really freaking funny, with inerrant comic rhythms and a barreling momentum that keeps the appalling behavior displayed by the producer characters digestibly hilarious. Warning: if you're a playwright, watching this storyline could cause ulcers.
  • Atlas, the Lonely Gibbon
    28 Apr. 2021
    It's a grounded relationship drama, except when it's brainy speculative sci-fi, except when it's deft verbal comedy, except when it's chilling technohorror. A smart and urgent play with tantalizing design possibilities and some visceral moments that really make me want to see it fully staged.
  • What Happens When You Research Practically Anything In This Country
    18 Mar. 2021
    400 years of American history powerfully delivered in one brief minute.
  • The Spectrum of Letting Go
    31 Jan. 2021
    A worthy entry in the venerable tradition of big-sprawling-domestic-dysfunction plays where stubborn problematic things in a family's past collide irreversibly with the present. The dialogue is good, and the rhythm of its tones is effective, and for all the enormity of its seriousness of purpose it's also funny in all the right places.
  • Save Hamlet! (a full length play)
    5 Jan. 2021
    The playwright knows how to write a joke, and every minute brings a new laugh. If that were all Save Hamlet! did, it would be more than enough. But by empowering its secondary characters to undermine and derail the source material the play also raises questions about authority, and literary conventions, and political power, and gender dynamics. Verily 'tis a hoot and a half.
  • The Most Spectacularly Lamentable Trial of Miz Martha Washington
    7 Dec. 2020
    A show with tremendous theatrical energy and anger and hilarity -- a fever dream of a play whose promiscuously imaginative inventions collapse the distance between Martha Washington's moral myopia and America's sins of today. The endlessly unfolding possibilities of this script are a gift to a talented cast and design team.
  • Hookman
    19 Nov. 2020
    Sometimes genre is a straitjacket, but for "Hookman" the crazed slasher motif is a springboard -- to an endlessly surprising mixture of dream logic, urban legend, coming-of-age anxieties, dark deadpan comedy, and blood-drenched grand guignol that's somehow both generationally anchored in contemporary youth culture and timelessly relatable.
  • microcrisis
    18 Jul. 2020
    Ingenious and mercilessly funny. A rollicking black comedy that, like its characters, seems to be making up its own rules as it goes. You laugh so you don't cry.
  • Kill Move Paradise
    20 Jun. 2020
    Unrelentingly brilliant. Feels like it was written 5 minutes from now. It's like Beckett but funnier, and more gutting, and somehow both despairing and hopeful at the same time. An immediate and incandescent portrait of our nightmarish now.