Recommended by Eric Pfeffinger

  • Home Invasion (10 min)
    30 Sep. 2019
    This play is a perverse and delightful pleasure, boasting boundless opportunities for physical comedy and two of the unlikeliest and most surprising protagonists imaginable. The deft tonal blend of effervescent positivity with sociopathic morbidity energizes this improbably sunny tale of striving and triumph and bedsheets.
  • I'm Pretty Fucked Up
    9 Aug. 2019
    Nostalgic high-school hangout narratives are usually the domain of the movies, and this engaging play's multi-character multi-location structure has a superficially cinematic feel. But in production it's a fundamentally theatrical experience -- breathing the same air as these characters, you feel immersed in the concrete minutiae of their world. The tight, brisk script is both packed with incident and also somehow leisurely; it feels age-appropriate that teen romance, PTSD, getting high, and school shootings are all assigned roughly the same emotional weight.
  • #matter
    11 Jun. 2019
    A terrific, ingenious, raw and poetic play that encapsulates a sprawling and vitriolic political divide as a grounded, human drama between two specific, recognizable people. Covers vast rhetorical and dramatic territory in just eleven pages.
  • Cambodian Rock Band
    18 Apr. 2019
    What a masterful juggling act this play performs -- a keenly observed character comedy, an uncompromising interrogation of morality on a global scale, and a kick-ass rock & roll concert -- all in the service of exploring and ratifying the power of art to make a difference in the world. Knocks your socks off in performance.
  • Residence
    6 Mar. 2019
    Such a strikingly affecting play -- bold and clear-eyed about adults coping with the consequences of their choices in a world of very real obstacles. Nothing in this play feels contrived or manipulated, and yet its seemingly relaxed plotting resolves into a tightly observed treatment of regret and accountability. Terrific, surprising, believable characters that actors will love to play.
  • Cardboard Piano
    6 Mar. 2019
    This remarkable play engages insightfully with the wider world on the macro level while simultaneously being an impeccably observed, detailed portrait of recognizable people living their lives. Moving and stirring and ingeniously structured.
  • The Wolves
    21 Jan. 2019
    Innovative and surefooted, built on a confident awareness that the most momentous drama in our lives often expresses itself through the most unassuming and mundane moments.
  • Bach at Leipzig
    21 Jan. 2019
    A brainy drama of petty ambition that goes to the heart of what art's all about, with a driving comic sensibility that's positively vaudevillian.
  • Our Child
    5 Jan. 2019
    The anxious experiences of regret and second thoughts and reduced opportunities, dramatized here with such immediacy, has a queasy universality. Coupled with the phenomenon of working poverty it takes on a sharp political specificity. The notes of hope and optimism at the end are complicated and welcome.
  • Much Ado About Mathletes
    5 Jan. 2019
    Very funny, exuberantly theatrical, with a glinting edge of madness and provocative political implications.