Recommended by Erin Malone Turner

  • The New Galileos
    16 Oct. 2021
    This play asks: do those in charge have the peoples' best interests in mind? What will it take to make the good ones stop fighting for what's right? Can anyone really take one's livelihood, free speech, & knowledge away? Berryman is surgical in her undertaking of very big issues & showcasing the individual, valuable lives, dreams, & fears involved in keeping truth alive. A heartfelt, harrowing, excellent play!
  • You Must Wear a Hat
    15 Oct. 2021
    I got to see a staged reading of this at Kitchen Dog Theater, and it has haunted me since then in the best way. It's one of the most heart-wrenching two-handers I've ever experienced. An exquisite diorama of reaching out in loneliness, the intimacy of trading stories & secrets, and what the world could have to offer at the end of it. It's funny, desperate, rich, and clings to hope / joy / wonder. This play is a gift.
  • GRIT (formerly "What They Think We Are")
    11 Oct. 2021
    WHOA. Such a complex & natural portrayal of teenage friendship, the terrifyingly constant presence of online madness, the isolation that can come with seeking better opportunities as POC, and the shame that can accompany hiding deep-seated truths about oneself. Sasha & Raymond's respective art forms fit them and their personalities so well. This play also depicts the injustice that is all-too-often snaking about within academia and its systems. Lovely characters and storytelling - I hope this play is produced far and wide!
  • the bandaged place
    11 Oct. 2021
    OOF. This play is a beautifully sharp portrayal of what trying not to give up can look like, mending damaged relationships, healing from pain, the difference between speaking and being truly heard, and the power that art has to shape and heal even the youngest of us. Gorgeous and organic in its representation of Black people. Would love the world to experience this play!
  • Nuclear Family
    28 Dec. 2020
    This show is a heavy, powerful look at a very possible future for our world in which robots are intertwined with human life in varying degrees. It is intense and complicated in organic and intriguing ways exploring bonds, temptation, and choices made from simple curiosity or from the intrinsic needs to love and belong - and whether those needs could ever exist within a mechanical being. I’d love to see this onstage!
  • or what she will
    27 Dec. 2020
    This play is a gorgeous diorama of growing up as twins, as well as a heartbreaking perusal of the searing effects of trauma and a family trying to heal and be healed in the aftermath. Simpson uses lyrical language to portray guilt, desolation, and the shocks that life so often inflicts, leaving one to pick up the pieces and move on in unexpected ways. Truly excellent!
  • To Be An Invincible Woman
    27 Dec. 2020
    This play was a beautifully heartbreaking and insightful look into two remarkable women in a space that allowed them to reconnect and uncover truths and vulnerabilities that life on earth didn't quite allow. Both characters felt organic and connected in their questions, regrets, and hope. An excellent short play!