Recommended by Samantha Oty

  • The Assignment
    4 Mar. 2024
    "Challenges and prompts are great--until they become a hinderance.

    Ugh, Sarah's struggle is too-real, and I think every playwright on this site will feel the same way--because every year it feels like playwriting comps invent new arbitrary rules that hinder the artist's creative spirit. At least Mr Mandate is willing to listen and and learn. "
  • 18,936 Steps (A Monologue)
    4 Mar. 2024
    Rachel Feeny-William captures anxiety very well in this monologue. While not everyone in the world can relate to the anxiety of waiting for a loved one to get out of surgery, I think we can all relate to not having control over something life-changing. Therefore, we seek out something we can control--and for our protagonist that thing is how far they can walk while they wait to find out how and if their life is going to change forever.
  • Life After
    28 Feb. 2024
    A very sweet play that showcases how beautiful innocence is. Death isn't scary, and I don't think there's a better way to show that than through the eyes of a young girl. Ava lives above a mortuary, so she's been surrounded by dead bodies her entire life--but she doesn't fear them. They are her friends and through that, the bodies retain their humanity.
  • Nobody Else I'd Rather Be With
    28 Feb. 2024
    A very fun, short play that I'm sure a lot of actresses will have fun performing with their best friends.
  • Three Women of Swatow
    28 Feb. 2024
    I'm a huge fan of mothers and daughters coming together to clean up a big mess. Chloe Hung has written such strong characters with such unique voices and incredible chemistry. I could see just how everything should play out on stage--which I hope I get to see one day. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this piece!
  • My Own Darling Boy
    20 Feb. 2024
    Brief yet heartbreaking. "My Own Darling Boy" serves as a reminder that tragedies often come without warning and leave a devastating toll on those who remain. Jones also reminds her audience of a time not long ago when people weren't able to love freely, making the love story of John and James all the more tragic. Plus, any show that references "Johnny Got His Gun" is a 10/10 in my book.
  • A First-Draft Second-Rate Love Story
    26 Jan. 2024
    The play-within-a-play reminds me of my own melodramas that I wrote when I was young playwright of sixteen. This is a super fun, super funny 10-minute play that any theatre will have a blast producing.
  • God Learns of the Death of Harambe, 2016 (colorized)
    10 Jan. 2024
    This play had me hooked the moment I read the title. So many moments when I laughed out loud. Perez has a natural gift for writing comedy, and I can already envision how I would stage it. What a great way to memorialize our fallen hero.
  • Girls Play
    10 Jan. 2024
    Oh, my heart hurts for Ruth. To love someone and watch them love someone else. Obolensky's play explores that moment in girlhood when we so desperately want to be seen by the person we like. While Martha's romantic fantasies are at the fore front of the action, this play comes to life while watching Ruth play along, so she can be close to the girl she likes. The scenario is realistic, and the characters are so authentic.
  • Sparrowfall
    9 Jan. 2024
    Wow. I don't know how Cabajal can pack so many emotions into such a compact play. In seven pages, we get to know these characters and see the most intimate moments of their lives, trying to piece together where it all went wrong.