Recommended by Beth Kander

  • A Long Time Coming
    9 May. 2024
    Few plays manage to be both speculative and extremely grounded - it's a tough task for the stage. This script manages both beautifully; the language, characters, setting, and questions are all powerful and haunting. Highly recommend.
  • Remains and Returns
    16 Nov. 2022
    A heartwrenching and humor-laced script that explores family trauma, resilience, and the things we try to erase but never really can (and truly shouldn't); a tight, taut piece that will leave you deeply moved.
  • Best Available
    16 Nov. 2022
    Fast-paced and unapologetic, this play is a scathing indictment of the pressures and pitfalls of contemporary theatre - and will make you laugh out loud even as you wince, recognizing something deeply familiar in every character and every moment.
  • The Hunt for Benedetto Montone
    16 Nov. 2022
    A challenging, intelligent play that explores the nuance and intricacies of family, friendship, and difficult choices made in the midst of war. The "regular folks" and "bystanders" trying to survive against the backdrop of genocide lends a quiet power to this insightful piece of theatre.
  • Between Two Caves
    5 Mar. 2022
    The dialog snaps in this darkly comic exploration of conspiracy theories, doubt of society, and doubt of self. At turns laugh-out-loud funny and totally wrenching, the well-paced play never loses momentum and invites the audience to question everything right alongside the characters. A terrific ride.
  • Arsonist
    29 Jan. 2022
    This was the first play I ever read on NPX, years ago, and I still think about it. Highly recommend.
  • Last Drive to Dodge
    22 Nov. 2021
    This new play cracks open the world of the old West you need to experience. Taut and tender, Andrew Lee Creech's play manages to evoke a familiar Western style and infuse it with an entirely new and necessary sensibility. Highly recommend.
  • What Happened While Hero Was Dead
    22 Nov. 2021
    Clever, raunchy, unapologetic, and surprisingly emotional, this play is a terrific romp. Yes, of course, the Shakespeare fans out there will have a particular interest in this feminist reimagining of that poor orange, Hero (and will appreciate all the nods to the Bard throughout the play) but it's such a delightful romp that there's no truly Shakespearean pre-req necessary to enjoy the show. Highly recommend.
  • Pocket Universe
    22 Nov. 2021
    This two-person play is its own tiny universe, unfolding beautifully and painfully over the course of the audience's intense and too-brief time with these characters. One of the most compelling and well-wrought instance of science fiction onstage that I've come across. Highly recommend.
  • The Waiting Room
    5 Jul. 2021
    This play will make you laugh right up until it sucks the breath out of you and makes you cry. A whole lot of emotion, humor, and regret packed into a tight one-act play.