Recommended by Beth Kander

  • Truth Be Told
    5 Jul. 2021
    Taut, expertly crafted, and ultimately so achingly human, this play will get you in the gut. Highly recommend.
  • Hyannis
    5 Jul. 2021
    As atmospheric as it is authentic, HYANNIS reels you in from moment one. The characters are loveable and infuriating and terrific; the themes of addiction and fortitude and forgiveness are universal without being generic. Highly recommend.
  • The Communist Revolution: A Ninth-Grade European History Project (There Will Be a Practical Demonstration)
    5 Jul. 2021
    At turns challenging and charming, this show draws its audience in and then won't let them off the hook. There's plenty of self-examination, well-earned laughs, and hard truths. Highly recommend.
  • Those Days Are Over
    5 Jul. 2021
    This show feels like the close-knit, complicated family it portrays: intimate, funny, frustrating (in the best ways), heart-wrenching, cathartic. Highly recommend.
  • Guadalupe in the Guest Room
    5 Jul. 2021
    I saw this play at Creede Rep and LOVED it. The device for conveying language barriers is terrific; the grief is palpable and so too is the joy. The humor in the telenovela scenes is not only a great release for the characters and relief for the audience, but also stellar showcase pieces for the right actors. Highly recommend!
    5 Jul. 2021
    I was so lucky to get to see an early online presentation of this new work. A fascinating (and clearly unfairly overlooked) historical figure, a riveting time in American history, and big questions about autonomy and integrity and feminism all come together beautifully in Stephanie Alison Walker's smart, sad, and surprisingly funny play.
  • The Persuadables
    19 Jun. 2019
    I was fortunate enough to catch a reading of this show at Prop Thtr recently. Smart writing with complicated characters; writing right now about things going on right now is a tricky tightrope to walk, but Hallie Palladino handles it gracefully in this clever, eerily insightful script.
    17 Mar. 2019
    Taut, fast, and unflinching, this funny and sharp-eyed play does a better job stealing its audiences' attention than most of its thieves do stealing the merch.
  • Compelling Spencer
    17 Mar. 2019
    This absurd, abstract short comedy slices is a surprisingly and refreshingly honest love story.
  • Brisé
    17 Mar. 2019
    Lyrical, longing, funny, and heartbreaking, the movement of the script follows the movement of its protagonist. Placing a revelation in the midst of the loss of older and more established memories is a well-choreographed move by the playwright, and each moment of this story will move the audience as well.