CL Byrd

CL Byrd

CL's plays have been performed in the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Israel. CL was chosen for the National Young Playwrights in Residence at the Echo Theater Company in Los Angeles, California (2020).


  • Over the World
    FULL LENGTH: A test subject is pushed to the edge during a new experiment.

  • BFA
    FULL LENGTH: An actor gives a performance that no one will ever forget.

  • New Life
    FULL LENGTH: Sue helps Tim navigate the process of reincarnation.

  • The Philosophy of Cavemen
    FULL LENGTH: Three early humans debate the nature of life while trying to survive.

  • Flat Earth, Aliens, and Other Theories
    FULL LENGTH: A group of co-workers discuss conspiracy theories while on break. A week later, when the boss leaves town, things go awry. Aliens?