CL Byrd

CL Byrd

CL's plays have been performed in the United States, Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Israel. CL was chosen for the National Young Playwrights in Residence at the Echo Theater Company in Los Angeles, California (2020). CL also reached the final 30 for the Theatre 503 International Playwrighting Award.


  • First Impressions
    ONE ACT: England, sometime in the early 1800's. An old married couple finds trouble on their way home. The carriage breaks down. It rains. Their driver is stung by bees. Can they find their way?

  • Over the World
    FULL LENGTH: A test subject is pushed to the edge during a new experiment.
  • Flat Earth, Aliens, and Other Theories
    FULL LENGTH: A group of co-workers discusses conspiracy theories while on break. Later that week, when the boss leaves town, things go awry.

  • Playground
    FULL LENGTH: Two college actors rehearse their play in a basement. A roommate interrupts by washing her clothes. At a party after the performance, things get heated between the three.
  • The Philosophy of Cavemen
    FULL LENGTH: Three cavemen debate the nature of life while trying to survive. When one invents the wheel, they enjoy a newfound "prosperity".
  • Eye in the Sky
    ONE ACT: A human is abducted, sending a spaceship into chaos.

  • The Captain of a Creative Ship
    FULL LENGTH: At an audition, a "director" subjects a group of young actors to various levels of absurdity. The play asks the question: "what is it about a theatrical setting, that makes people so willing to accept absurdity?"

  • The Genre Game
    FULL LENGTH: A night of improv games and drinking turns into a "bad dream."

  • New Life
    FULL LENGTH: A man struggles with the process of reincarnation.
  • Grand Theft Auto
    FULL LENGTH: After having their car stolen, a couple realizes the truth about their reality.