Recommended by Amber Palmer

  • Wish I Could P. (Pay it no mind)
    30 Nov. 2020
    Wish I Could P. (Pay it no mind) is both stunningly funny and heartbreakingly sad. The characters Ariel and Jamil's conflict is grounded in reality, but the playful use of language and narration through Marsha P Johnson gives the play a kind of fairytale quality. While all the characters may not get what they want in the end, the play lands on a hopeful note of community and self respect.
  • 1st Imani 22nd Six
    16 Jun. 2019
    1st Imani 22nd Six follows Imani and her family as they move towards the future, with all the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with it. The play quickly engages you in the struggles of all three leading characters as they try to break out and improve their lives, whether that's by getting a new job, starting college, or learning how to drive. Beyond this, there is exciting use of old technology made new through the characters' eyes and shifts between realism and non realism that really make this play stand out!
  • Rev
    16 Jun. 2019
    Rev is a hilarious and beautiful play about the resilience of blue collar women. This story follows three women as they move into new phases of life, and deal with the excitement and pain that comes with it, all while weaving through exciting imagery and specificity. I cannot recommend this play enough, and I look forward to one day seeing a production of it!
    22 Sep. 2016
    "Marine and Penelope of Lower Blighttownship" is a beautifully poetic play about love, stars and mermaids. It's a story about honesty and love perfectly crafted by Gijsbers van Wijk. I recommend it for anyone and everyone.