Louis Blachman

Louis Blachman

louis joshua blachman is a writer, director, and theater-maker from the san francisco bay area, recently graduated with a bachelor's in drama and english from vassar college in poughkeepsie, new york. currently, he serves as berkeley rep's bret c. harte artistic fellow for the 2023-2024 season.


  • D.F.J.
    josh is an atheist. josh voted for elizabeth warren. josh understands his complicity in systemic structures of power. then some vandalism appears on a wall on his college campus — and his name is on it. a black comedy about hate, belief, white men, and the futility of neutrality.
  • Four Seasons Total Landscaping
    welcome to Four Seasons Total Landscaping (you know the one.) it's december of 2020 and a certain lawyer has just held a certain press conference for a certain president. then, an outsider arrives. winner of the Marilyn Swartz Seven ’69 Annual Playwriting Competition.
  • fuck/marry/kill
    in a nondescript room in a nondescript base, some soldiers are waiting for some orders. one of them knows sartre. one of them reads a bible. and one of them just wants to kill some fuckin people. they wait.

Recommended by Louis Blachman

  • Intuitive Men
    12 Dec. 2021
    a wondrous & weird & sensitive exploration of what it means to be a man today — the quest to understand oneself, to undress and redress one's insecurities, to strive for love above all else. maybe the best depiction I have seen of homosocial love — that deep, mysterious, precarious kind of friendship that can exist queasily and beautifully between two men. i love this play!