Recommended by Bruce Bonafede

  • Take the K Train
    11 Nov. 2019
    Clever, well-crafted, and a step above the typical literary send-up. It has a light touch, but succeeds in evoking the insanity of modern life just enough to also be disturbing and memorable.
  • The Embers of Tara (Full Length)
    17 Sep. 2019
    This is a play of rage—rage against both racism and the rationalizations that allow it to continue. And not only that of "Lost Cause" Southern whites," but also of “enlightened” white liberals who pay lip service to equality but are ultimately irredeemable. You expect a polemic with one-dimensional characters; instead Donnelly gives you characters as three-dimensional as they can possibly be, and a story that fulfills the requirements of any good play. He uses broad comedy, magic realism, and scathing satire against more than the usual suspects. When you’re not laughing you’ll be furious. It’s brilliant.
  • Family Visitation (Ten Minute)
    11 Jul. 2019
    Here Donnelly returns to one of his favorite themes: the arrogance and cruelty of a mindset that assumes "family" connections outweigh those we have chosen for ourselves, that are based on something stronger than blood but are all too easily dismissed. This play is a gut punch that will leave you angry, or sad, or more likely both.
    18 May. 2019
    Hilarious, just plain hilarious. Wacky as hell, and did I mention hilarious? Mullen's talent for creating funny but completely believable characters in a matter of seconds with one or two lines of dialogue is on full display here. Read this play. You will laugh out loud.
  • How I Joined the Navy, A Monologue
    3 Feb. 2019
    It's nice to see a piece where the author uses a historical backdrop and actually knows the subject and gets the facts right. Boyle doesn't "make up" history here, or have to guess at it. And he uses it effectively to illustrate some telling ironies about serving in the military.
  • The Great Gaffe
    12 Nov. 2018
    Much fun, and a deeper dive into two literary characters than it appears.
  • Uncomplicated Bereavement
    16 Aug. 2018
    Scott Sickles is an evil genius who worships at the altar of Satan!...Okay, not really, though I'm sure there are plenty of religious nuts who would find this play sacrilegious to say the least. I found it delightful -- outrageous yet completely credible which, considering the content, is very difficult to pull off. Any further comment would risk a spoiler, so I'll leave it at that except to say this is a very entertaining short play. Well done!
    8 May. 2018
    This is one terrific play. The characters could easily wallow for 90 minutes in the stereotypes suggested by their ages and backgrounds (clever young playwright, wisecracking older ex-newspaperman), but they never do. Instead they gradually grow before our eyes into real, live human beings, while treating us to a veritable master-class on the act of collaboration. A play with many laughs that becomes surprisingly suspenseful, and ultimately very touching.
  • Memorial Day (Full Length)
    2 Apr. 2018
    A beautifully crafted, clear-eyed drama on the early days of the AIDS crisis. This play shows how even those lives the disease didn't end were changed forever. Told with wit, dark and surprising humor in the face of tragedy, and a deep heart.