Bryan Stubbles

Bryan Stubbles

Award-winning playwright Bryan Stubbles has had plays produced in such diverse locations as London, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Provo, among others. His plays have also been published in the US and Canada including by Broadway Plays Publishing.

One of his plays is included in Smith & Kraus’ “Best 10 Minute Plays of 2017” and another will be in the upcoming “Best 10 Minute Plays of...
Award-winning playwright Bryan Stubbles has had plays produced in such diverse locations as London, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Seattle and Provo, among others. His plays have also been published in the US and Canada including by Broadway Plays Publishing.

One of his plays is included in Smith & Kraus’ “Best 10 Minute Plays of 2017” and another will be in the upcoming “Best 10 Minute Plays of 2018.”

He is a full member of the Dramatists Guild.

He is also a translator, translating Indonesian>>>English and Korean>>>English.

Hobbies include history, languages, volunteering, hiking, travel and cooking.


  • #WeToo: a dialogue
    6 PAGES. Two old high school friends reach out to one another after #MeToo appears.
  • The Anxiety of a Knuckleball Before the Plate
    9 PAGES. An anxious knuckleball finds his soulmate.
  • Appointment in Managua
    10 PAGES. Married douche-rod Abelardo wants his teenaged gal pal to get an abortion. She has other ideas.�
  • Arsinoë’s Fate - a monologue
    2 PAGES. Teenaged Arsinoë IV faces her murderers who’ve been sent by Marc Antony
    on behalf of her sister, Cleopatra.
  • The BIG Fear
    12 PAGES. Amina helps Luko overcome his greatest fear.
  • Bloodstained Marigolds on a Perverse Landscape
    19 PAGES. Sergio’s various lovers are called to a mysterious meeting...with death!
  • Boo School
    9 PAGES. One ghost doesn’t quite get the hang of Boo School.
  • Brine Shrimp Gangsters
    8 PAGES. They're brine shrimp! And they're gangsters! Won "Best Reading" and "Audience Choice" at the Echo 10 Play Festival in Provo, Utah.
  • Brussels Sprouts in Revolt
    11 PAGES. Brussels sprouts fight herring oppression.
  • A Bullet for the Hyena
    15 PAGES. Three women plot an assassination in apartheid-era Namibia. Boom!
  • Burkini Blues
    9 PAGES. A man tries to dictate clothing choices to a woman. It doesn't go well.
  • Burnt Demon Stick
    10 PAGES. Rik fears burnt matches. Lacey stages a one-gal intervention.
  • Copy Center of Doom
    11 PAGES. God notices a crappy copy center...and punishes it.
  • Corky's Dead
    9 PAGES. A dead Chihuahua hinders Juliana’s attempt to get back with Sepp.
  • Curse of the Destroyed Rape Kits
    11 PAGES. Destroying rape kits comes back to haunt a policeman.
  • Damn You, Robert! - A monologue
    ONE PAGE MONOLOGUE. Melody confronts a ghost from her past. Also available in Afrikaans.
  • Death and the Maiden (and Her Mom)
    10 PAGE SHORT. Death comes to take the Maiden...Mom shows up. They hit it off.
  • Death of a Chocolate Bar on Good Friday
    11 PAGE SHORT. A suicidal chocolate bar faces a time of reckoning along with a codependant ice cube.
  • Death Sings in the Shadows
    FULL-LENGTH. A US Army medic stationed in WWII Liberia must traverse various cultures and
    characters to solve his fiancee’s grisly ritual murder.
  • Do You Like Polish Sausage?
    27 PAGES. Synopsis: Being Polish is illegal in a post-Brexit UK-American Empire.
  • Down on the Pot Farm
    26 PAGES. Millennials and an old hippy farm marijuana in Oregon. DEA agents raid them. Jeff Sessions makes a surprise appearance...and speaks Afrikaans, smokes weed, falls in love with a transgendered person of color and SINGS about it.
  • The Dragon Fruit Juice War
    11 PAGES. The soda pop forces do battle with dragon fruit juice.
  • Drill Me, Thrill Me!
    11 PAGE SHORT. Teeth get drilled - and love it.
  • Dust of Aegyptus
    23 PAGES. Ianuarius catches Seti with gold that doesn’t belong to him in Roman Egypt.
  • Elvis Dry Humps Nixon
    9 PAGES. A paranoid president and a bloated American icon find love.
  • English Only
    8 PAGES. Two women must stop the government from making America a truly “English only” nation.
  • Fear the Americans
    10 PAGES. Two Americans play tourist in deepest Stupidistan.
  • Fet-Bible
    11 PAGES. An innocuous Bible study turns to fetish exploration.
  • Freedom Toaster & the Jacking Station on Mars
    After hundreds of years hurtling through space, Freedom Toaster crashes on Mars and plugs into the Jacking Station, but all is not what it seems.
  • Fuck Me Re-Education Boot Camp
    12 PAGES. A go-go boot, a combat boot and a cowgirl boot refuse to be re-educated.
  • The German Student
    11 PAGES. Based on the short story "The Adventure of the German Student" by Washington Irving.

    A lonely German student in a dystopian near-future America meets the woman of her dreams...
  • Gobblers vs. 'Grims
    11 PAGE RADIO SHORT. Two turkeys try to turn the tables on the Pilgrims.
  • Grandma Crashes the Wedding
    11 PAGES. Grandma has a near-lethal objection to her grand-daughter's wedding.
  • The Great Porn Caper
    88 PAGES. Temple, a heartbroken Utah teenager, travels to LA and risks her life to rescue her late uncle’s porn collection and the free world before her ultraconservative homicidal Neo-Nazi cousin destroys it. Or Mormons, pornography, Trump.
  • Gumiho and Lorelei Meet Billy the Postmodern Steampunk Kid
    25 PAGES. Liver-eating Korean legend Gumiho and mythic German man-killer Lorelei use an American pseudo-legend for nefarious purposes.
  • Heart of Seoul
    80 PAGES. A re-imagining of John Ford’s classic ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore set amongst North Korean refugees in 1955 Seoul.
  • Hera and Juno's Shooting Party
    9 PAGES. Goddesses Hera and Juno use the solar system as shooting targets.
  • The Human Buttonhole
    9 PAGES. Rheinhold argues metaphors with his therapist Tovah.
  • I Only Speak Uzbek When I Sneeze
    10 PAGES. Hawa speaks Uzbek only when she sneezes. Homeland Security doesn’t understand.
  • Ice Cream Sisters
    11 PAGES. Micayla may be falling in love and her Nana uses her own memories to sort it all out. Note: Co-written with Kara Maddox.
  • I-talian
    94 PAGES. Christmas 1943. Utah. High school senior and social outcast ITALA ESPOSITO attempts to find love with ROMOLO, a young Italian prisoner of war.
  • I Was a Teenaged Fireworks Smuggler
    22 PAGES. A junior high school student smuggles fireworks to impress the boy she loves. �
  • Jackin' it to the Baroque-ass Masters
    12 PAGES. A young man is frustrated in his attempts to masturbate to a pixelated Baroque classic.
  • Ja, mein Herr!
    19 PAGES. A lonely man in a lonely bar tries to pick up a mysterious woman, but nothing is as meets the eye.
  • Jealousy from Durban
    21 PAGES. A woman and her boyfriend play with the cash from their latest robbery only to be confronted by his wife.
  • Jennilee and the Cash
    16 PAGES. Trusted with the gang’s loot, Jennilee manages to screw things up.
  • Killing the Dutch in Space
    10 PAGES. Fed up with racism in the Dutch East Indies,
    two friends get high enough to land on the moon and try to kill the titular Dutchmen.
  • Kiss Me, Kismet!
    114 PAGES. An inept local high school matchmaker meets her match.
  • Lady Godiva of Hamelin and the Discoboe: A Steampunk Romance
    10 PAGES. The Pied Piper of Hamelin must drive Lady Godiva from town with his disco-playing oboe.
  • The Last Cheesesteak
    8 PAGES. Erin regrets not eating a cheesesteak many years ago.
  • Let Me Rest
    31 PAGES. A grieving American man resurrects his wife in 1860s Liberia.
  • The Liberation and Sexual Satisfaction of a Wadded-Up Piece of Paper
    10 PAGES. A wadded-up piece of paper has an encounter with a broken plastic cup.
  • Night Market for Brojo [by Dhianita Kusuma Pertiwi]
    Brojo's mother disappears when he is a child. Do you miss your mother, too?
  • Night of the KIller Kannibal Pumpkins
    75 PAGES. It’s November 2nd and several Jack O’Lanterns have outlived their usefulness. They escape from the porch and take refuge with a kindly pumpkin couple, but....(dun dun dun)
  • Nitrous Oxide Pugs
    10 PAGES. Nitrous oxide addicts Chompy and Ruff-Ruff’s undefined
    “a bit more than friends” relationship is threatened when
    Badd Pugg accuses them of stealing his Noz.�
  • No Identity
    11 PAGE SHORT. American health care Hell.
  • One Word
    11 PAGES. Using one word sentences, OTTO and MAWAR sort out their feelings for one another.
  • An Ottoman in New York
    10 PAGES. It’s Ottoman vs. ottoman in an art gallery in autumn.
  • Our Best Friend
    11 PAGES. After Luigi’s death, everyone suddenly becomes his best friend, much to the chagrin of his real friend, Myron.
  • The Outcasts of Io Flat
    15 PAGES. Four refugees from the mining town of Io Flat are forced together by circumstance. Based on the short story 'The Outcasts of Poker Flat' by Bret Harte.
  • Parking Lot Chains for Christ
    10 PAGES. Two women struggle to park in a church parking lot.
  • Patriotic Fervour
    34 PAGES. Stragglers in the American Revolution run into space babes from the 25th Century.
  • Pesetas of the Damned
    13 PAGES. A ruthless soldier investigates a bank robbery in Spanish Guinea in 1955.
  • Pesetas de los malditos
    versión en Español -
  • Potango
    22 PAGES. Potango, son of a flamingo and a potato, goes through some adolescent Sturm und Drang.
  • Pugette in a Slingshot
    10 PAGE SHORT. Harried wife France has nightmares involving female pugs in slingshots. Marie tries to help out.
  • Punkin Hayride Love
    9 PAGES. A jack o’lantern-headed couple find love on a hayride.
  • The Re-Killing of Sacramento
    27 PAGES. An aging group of Old West outlaw gals meet to avenge a 40 year-old murder.
  • Robbin' the Baby Incubator Cafe
    10 PAGES. Two women in a Boston marriage plan to steal a baby from an incubator at The Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909, but end up eating French bread instead.
  • Santa Claus is Coming in Liesel
    7 PAGES. Santa delivers a present to lonely housewife Liesel.
  • Serial Killers are Our Friends
    11 PAGE SHORT. Teenager Juan doesn’t fit in, despite society’s best efforts.
  • Sex-mas, Kill-mas!
    28 PAGES. A Christmas-themed casual sex session turns into a bloodbath.
  • A Smoke-filled Teardrop Cuts the Night
    20 PAGES. A night of chain-smoking sets off some mysterious events - forcing a woman to confront her past.
  • Snowman of Vengeance
    9 PAGES. A snowman dishes out justice.
    11 PAGE SHORT. Wanting to jump back into the dating scene, Titanic goes on a date with Bismarck - a ship she met online.
  • Sweet, Sweet Tater Love
    11 PAGES. Two liberated tubers face freedom.
  • Trump vs. Kahlo
    Donald Trump attempts to deport foreign art.
  • Verdompse, Robert!
    Melody konfronteer 'n spook uit haar verlede. Afrikaans version of "Damn You, Robert!"
  • A Very Twin Titties Christmas
    12 PAGE SHORT. Ineptly corrupt police in Minnesota ruin everyone's Christmas.
  • Virginia Beach Incest Time Machine
    10 PAGES. At a dysfunctional family reunion, Joanie and Luz smoke hashish and are whisked back to 1955 where their Gramps is the hottest thing on the market.
  • Wayne LaPierre Takes a Bean Bag to the Nuts
    12 PAGE SHORT. Two revolutionaries conspire to shoot NRA VP the cajones. #TheatreActionGunControl
  • Wedding Feast
    9 PAGE SHORT. The men at a wedding dread catching the garter...with good reason.
  • The Well
    29 PAGES. Seamstress Lisette falls down a well and discovers an enchanting new world with one terrible secret. Based on the German fairy tale "Frau Holle" - a story in which an underground fairy
    rewards a good seamstress and punishes her wicked half-sister.
  • Wheatgrass Smoothie Blues
    13 PAGE SHORT. Two hipsters unwittingly refuse to participate in mass suicide.
  • When Seatbelts Do Anal
    11 PAGE SHORT. Beltolemew wants anal sex with his girlfriend Isabelta. She refuses. They compromise.
  • The Wicked Life of Patience Boston
    38 PAGES. Real-life Patience Boston murdered a child in 1735 Maine. This play, based on her published “confession” tries to sort it out.
  • The Woman Who Listened to Motorcycles
    9 PAGES Shut-in Radzilla annoys her niece Lufu with her motorcycle-listening.
  • You Can Cry When You're Dead
    20 PAGES. Tired of being put-upon by the men in her life, Haeng-ja dishes it out.
  • Young Chaffetz
    9 PAGES. Jewish kicker (and future Mormon representative from Utah, Planned Parenthood attacker and FOX News pundit) Jason Chaffetz sells his soul to Satan to become the best kicker in BYU's history.
  • You're It
    A children’s Halloween game goes horribly wrong.
  • Yuma - By Time - Dude (Zap, Zap)
    18 PAGES. The character in a crappy play from the ‘50s becomes the target of a violent alien from the future.
  • 죽을때 울수 있어요
    행자는 그녀 주위의 나쁜 남자들에 의해 이용당하고, 그들을 비난한다. Korean-language version of "You Can Cry When You're Dead"
  • 블론드 재즈 보컬의 영원한 전설, 줄리런던
    필성은 CD가게에 아주 이상한 여자 줄리를 만난다.
  • 사랑하는 별
    사랑하는 별은 LGBT 성인이 되는 장편 대본이에요.
  • 몽실이의 죽음
    <<몽실이의 죽음>> 사랑과 죽은 치와와에 대한 단막극 코미디요. Korean-language version of "Corky's Dead."