Recommended by Bryan Stubbles

  • God Forbid
    22 Sep. 2019
    Pretty much encapsulates the "good guy with a gun" myth. Good work!
  • Product Reveal
    22 Sep. 2019
    Sweet, sweet satire where America's gun fetish intertwines with its capitalism and Christianity kicks...
  • Rounds Per Second
    22 Sep. 2019
    Exceedingly brilliant work about America, gun violence and so much more. Read. Produce. Perform. Repeat.
  • Salat al-Janazah
    22 Sep. 2019
    Read this play. Perform this play. Long live this play!
  • Death's Defeat
    22 Sep. 2019
    Haunting. Incredible. Recommended.
    3 May. 2019
    Good ending. Fun. Nice commentary on modern American theatre.
  • The Lesson (a 1-minute play)
    3 May. 2019
    Like a snapshot of youth. Believeable situation, believeable characters. Martin could make a career out of writing these onesies....
  • Kelley Road
    3 May. 2019
    Ferrick's characters feel so real. Also, it has one of the best lines I've come across in a while: "Like yeah that’s a shitty way to die but imagine witnessing your mom get blendered by a deer on the way to parent teacher conferences." Please read this play.
  • Ready, Aim...Fire!
    3 May. 2019
    Fun twist on the manic pixie dream girl trope. Hint: it's a manic pixie dream dude. Smooth writing. Definitely worth a read.
  • Michelle Eats a Taco
    26 Apr. 2019
    "Yeah we don’t have a taco called acknowledgement." Wow. Must be read to be believed. Spot on crritique of American society. Great dialogue. Nice ending.