Recommended by Bryan Stubbles

  • "Freakin' Ow"
    19 Jun. 2020
    A one joke, one minute monologue...but a very good one.
  • Laundry Limbo
    17 Mar. 2020
    Mattie wrote this at a workshop we did. It's really funny and very creative. Highly recommended.
  • How To Boil An Egg: A One-Minute Monologue
    13 Feb. 2020
    Pretty damn good. So many American playwrights shy away from ambiguity. Not here. Love this. Now I want a monologue about French toast.
  • Dear Mom
    13 Feb. 2020
    "So today is the first day of “Jewish Hotties: all girls camp” and I’m really excited and stuff. Everyone looks so friendly. There are lots of activities to do like how to make out underwater, Facebook activism classes that focus on how to seem single and hot on Facebook while also doing activism; and also how to how to start your own reality show. Some people say their parents took out all their life savings to get them here, I don’t know what that means but it sounds dramatic." Would love a full-length of Sunshine and Raspberry's adventures.
  • If you Came Closer...(it would get hot)
    13 Feb. 2020
    In addition to being one of the funniest living American playwrights today, Weingarten's plays are HONEST. This is one of the most honest plays I've read in a loooong time. You should read it too. And whoever decides to give plays Pulitzers or whatever. This could be the first play to win a Nobel Peace Prize. It's that good.
  • You Looked Hot When You Stole That Dress from Walmart
    13 Feb. 2020
    Hilarious and yet kinda like serious sorta. Pure Weingarten. Superb play.
    4 Feb. 2020
    Something worthy of Night Gallery. Lovely ending.
  • Mr. Fluffles
    3 Feb. 2020
    "Not everyone is as brave as you." Mr. Fluffles is full of love and wisdom in this gently funny and uniquely touching play. A must-read, must-produce, must-see play.
    3 Feb. 2020
    Effective monologue about age and defying stereotypes. Also, I learned what "middle- aged foreplay" is.
  • A World Without Allergies; A Talk by Dr. Kramer
    2 Feb. 2020
    I read this because my childhood doctor was also named Dr. Kramer. YOU should read this because Leyva's Dr. Kramer is mind-meltingly insane.