Ava Love Hanna

Ava Love Hanna

Ava Love Hanna is a professional writer, published playwright, and award-winning speaker and storyteller. She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown-up.

Proud member of The Dramatists Guild and ScriptWorks.

Co-host of the Stories Found podcast: https://storiesfound.com


  • There Will Be Bears
    10-MINUTE: While camping, Amy and Fiona go on a hike to help Amy clear her head and make an important decision about the future of their relationship. When she and her partner encounter a bear blocking their return path they turn to the wisdom of YouTube celebrity park ranger, Ranger Phil, who has his own surreal opinions on bears and relationships.
  • Big Brad Wolf
    10-MINUTE: The Big Bad Wolf yearns to break free of the limits of his life, which confuses the other residents of the enchanted woods. When Brad Wolf attempts to break his family's cycle of cruelty and a pork-heavy diet, he's challenged by a plot-driven pig who insists he revert to his carnivore roots. This is a play about expectations, tradition, and the sweet smell of roasted pig meat.
  • Bad Neighbors
    10-MINUTE: The five members of the HOA board in Westdale are here to help protect your property values and field your anonymous complaints about Paul's short-shorts. Follow the deed restrictions and we'll all get along just fine—unless you're from Avondale. We hate those guys.
  • P, B, & Jane
    10-MINUTE: Famed improv group, P, B, & J – self-proclaimed “raiders of the lost snark” – are here to entertain you with hilarious vignettes of freak shows, sexual identity, and Freudian slips. Literally. As Jane woos the crowd, she slips in and out of memories of religious and sexual trauma and wonders if she will ever outperform the shadows of her past that pursue her on stage.
  • Haggis
    10-MINUTE: A couple’s search for adventure at a desert nudist resort lands them in rural Scotland with an inscrutable groundskeeper and inadequate wardrobe.
  • The Murderlators
    1-MINUTE: Flynn and Fiona are the hosts of the long running true crime podcast, The Murderlators. They're both big fans of the true crime genre... or are they?

    Note: Suitable for stage performance or as an audio play.
  • Cupcake
    1-MINUTE: Zach and Liz are on a date at a café. They order a cupcake to share and end up dealing with joint existential crises.
  • Your Mom
    1-MINUTE: Flynn meets up with Fiona at a large outdoor protest and discovers the subject of everyone's ire is someone he knows.
  • Robots
    1-Minute: It's Amy's first visit home from college and she's brought a friend.
  • Zeus' Day Off
    10-MINUTE: Zeus decides to take a much-needed day off leaving his followers to make their own choices for 24 hours. At first, humanity seems to flourish without Zeus' interventions, but after a pair of young lovers miss an important warning from the Oracle and make a life-altering mistake, everyone is ready for a return to deus ex machina.