Recommended by Ava Love Hanna

  • Pillow Talk with Morpheus
    14 Oct. 2023
    In Pillow Talk with Morpheus, Murray-Patel offers us a hilarious, smart comedy that at first glance appears straightforward and simple, yet much like dreams themselves, hides hidden depths. It is filled with allegory, allusion, snappy dialogue, and an unexpected tender moment full of heart. This is a fantastic script that audiences will love.
  • Yellow Wallpaper 2.0 2020
    14 Oct. 2023
    Jennifer Maisel offers us a modern interpretation of Gilman’s classic short story The Yellow Wallpaper. While the setting of the story is now contemporary – the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic – the themes of the original work are present. T’s struggles with motherhood, subordination, isolation, and eventually her physical and mental health reveal that while much has changed for women – much has stayed the same. Maisel’s narrative, however, is enhanced by the addition of T’s discovery of Perkin’s racism – an addition that elevates this version beyond a mere modern retelling into something far more powerful.
  • Little Timmy Fell Down the Well Again
    14 Oct. 2023
    Poor Timmy -- not only is he stuck in a well, but now he’s stuck in a film script riddled with Oscar bait. In Little Timmy Fell Down the Well Again, Clinton Festa offers us a hilarious, multi-layered comedy featuring a unique film within a play construction. The play itself is funny, but the movie script – meant to be serious and Oscar-worthy, of course – is hilarious. The result is a fun, unique short comedy that’s sure to be an audience-pleaser.
  • A View From the Inside
    7 Oct. 2023
    A View from the Inside is a brillant, surreal comedy that audiences will love. Brian has a gift for writing action-packed short plays that transport us directly into situations that are both bizarre and relatable and this show is a perfect example of his mastery of this form. A bitingly funny audio script that manages to poke fun at capitalism, city infrastructure, and modern ennui with smart, snappy dialogue that just gels.
  • The Purple One
    9 Feb. 2023
    In The Purple One, Maggie Gallant offers us a creative, absurd, and absolutely hilarious comedy. It features fast paced, witty dialogue that is not only deeply funny, but manages to remain coherent despite the interweaving of the conversation threads between Dylan and Lil and Dylan and Auber-Gene. Lil’s inability to see or hear Auber-Gene offers the audience a glimpse into the inherent dysfunction in her relationship with Dylan while also offering opportunities for hysterical physical comedy. I had the privilege to see this play performed and it was a crowd favorite from start to finish.
  • Be Batman
    9 Feb. 2023
    Be Batman is a playful look at the one of the most unexpected difficulties of parenting – dealing with other parents at the playground. Two contrasting mothering styles offer a familiar tension, and the witty dialogue keeps the script moving. May’s calmness contrasts nicely against Lea’s rigidity and her conversations with “Batman” are endearing. I applaud the playwright’s instinct to not punish the uptight Lea, but to let the more experienced May offer some mothering to the young mother. A deeply funny and heartwarming script.
  • Conversation Hearts
    9 Feb. 2023
    In Conversation Hearts, Willow McLaughlin offers us a hilarious and creative Valentine’s Day play. It begins with a familiar structure – someone waiting for the beginning of an awkward blind date – but is quickly upended by the addition of a likable, offbeat foil. Violet, and her candy heart antics, not only adds a fun element to the play, but offers us the needed contrast to Carrie’s aloofness. The use of the titular conversation hearts are a unique and fun way to move the story forward and propel it towards its satisfying ending.
  • Spam Calls from Hell
    1 Feb. 2023
    Brian Rust is a master of surreal comedies. His plays often feature likeable, familiar-feeling characters who calmly navigate the most bizarre realities. Spam Calls from Hell is no exception. It’s a fast-paced, funny, and haunting script with a genuinely surprising ending. Brian’s expert weaving of the odd with the mundane creates a hilarious set-up that frantically races to a breathless conclusion. This would make an excellent addition to a night of short plays.
  • The Interview (radio version)
    1 Feb. 2023
    The Interview by Mark Harvey Levine is a spectacular comedy. It’s funny, smart, and filled with layers of perfectly balanced humor. The premise – a job interview during a zombie apocalypse – is so well developed that it feels realistic and acts as the perfect metaphor for how most people feel during job interviews – nervous, scared, and a little desperate. Allowing the job interview to continue even after Janice from HR’s “transition” adds an unexpected and deeply funny twist. I had the honor of producing this script for the Stories Found podcast and it is an audience favorite.
  • Snickerdoodles and Disco
    1 Feb. 2023
    In Snickerdoodles and Disco, Max Langert gives us a hilarious, smart comedy that’s reminiscent of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass. A winning combination of surreal physical comedy (each character moves like their chess piece) and snappy, witty dialogue helps keep the rapid pace of the play even as the characters ponder their fates. The titular disco dancing hits at exactly the right moment and helps to further heighten the physical hilarity. All of that combined with a satisfying ending ensures that this script will be an audience favorite.