Recommended by Riley Elton McCarthy

  • Notes
    15 Sep. 2021
    I was privileged enough to see the premiere of Notes. Em has a natural wit to her writing that is both tongue in cheek and quippy. The formatting of this play supports the intimacy between these three characters-- forcing them together through text alone so they never leave the page with beautiful balance. Notes is personal, honest, and exudes confidence in its honest portrayal of the effects of decay from mental illness.
  • The Cat's Ashes: A Non-Play
    14 Sep. 2021
    This play. This PLAY. A play in multiple moments, with beautiful and dark and twisted monologues... it may be written for zoom, but I fully want to see what a director could do with this on a stage. Particularly I love the syntax and pacing for the "body is" monologue. There is a rhythmic beat in the way Lee writes like no other; it is so unique to their voice and it's just amplified by the mortality and existentialism in this piece. I really love this play.
  • What's next What's next What's next: A Butterfly Play for Butterfly People
    14 Sep. 2021
    Lee is a gifted wordsmith with an equal mix of poetic whimsy and a humorous sharp tongue. Their bluntness reveals their unapologetic honesty and vulnerability. The molting of a butterfly coupled with the unraveling of the human being underneath its shedding skin is a beautiful and cathartic image, and I just love the engaging uniqueness to how Lee structures their writing.
    12 Sep. 2021
    Okay. I am OBSESSED with the way this play handles “online” language versus “offline” and how each character aligns with Malakhow’s own mission to tell stories with specific identity in his characters. This twisting, turning, dark yet hopeful play captures raw honesty in its characters and is just a delightful read on page. I’d kill to see this on a stage. As a performer as well as writer, the characters are also so delectable I want to sink my teeth into this text and read it aloud myself.
  • (Un)Missed Connections
    12 Sep. 2021
    This beautifully intimate play balances the nuances of intersectionality in queer vignettes of scenes, and a twist of a murder ploy that unravels through its powerful ensemble. I was extremely enraptured by the diverse array of storytelling that perfectly captures community through tragedy, while still having enough humor to let in the light.
  • Gutted
    23 Aug. 2021
    Tori Hersant is both the most bold and bonkers playwright I have the pleasure of knowing; she weaves hyper violent and disturbing situations with breaking the fourth wall, unusual and unexpected moments of comedy, and then downright sexy and funny circumstances. "Gutted" is disgusting fun and the most Tori possible play out there. I can't wait to see this play live.
  • Eight Tales of Pedro
    22 Aug. 2021
    Oh how I wish I had seen this staged. Beautiful artistry, poetry, and whimsical storytelling here from Mark where human connection takes precedence over circumstance. I loved the interlocking, overarching and connecting stories that wove into one grand tale of love of the human condition.
  • Blanche & Stella: A Sequela
    14 Jul. 2021
    Oh gosh, where to begin? First off, the choice to call this a "sequela", or "an aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury", or "a secondary result"... just hits every single beat of this play all the way through. This play is not just about chosen sisters, it is a SISTER play to Streetcar down to the fiber of its being while being irrevocably original, unique, and bitingly painful. And that ending! I'm going to be thinking about this play for a while. How badly I want to see it staged...
    7 Jul. 2021
    The dichotomy that Nick Malakhow balances between activism in PWIs and the intoxicating near-bystander effect that we're conditioned into as allies, victims, and seekers of justice is propulsive, dynamic and deeply powerful. The chain is broken in this play, and both the tension between and healing process for Jasmine and Ben's friendship is nuanced and thoroughly engaging-- I could not stop reading once I had started. I absolutely loved this play.
  • the wolf you feed
    9 Feb. 2021
    This play gripped me from start to finish. It's like a clash of an A24 Horror Story and your worst personal hell possible rolled up into a queer tragicomedy. I loved every single word of this play and I cannot recommend it enough. It's absolutely brilliant.