Ry Szelong

Ry Szelong

Brooklyn, NY -based.
NYU Tisch - Playwrights Horizons Theater School - 2015.

(photo credit: Edwina Hay.)


  • Featured Dancers
    Three theatre-kids face a coming-(and going)-of-age while hanging out after rehearsal in their favorite (gendered and ungendered) bathroom in 2011...then 2021...then 2007.
  • The Actors Roundtable
    At a roundtable, a moderator tries to facilitate a Q & A between seven "Azn-American" actors nominated for Oscars in the same film (or past life?). Topics include: approaches to Acting, favorite colors, most difficult experience onscreen, "was your performance Queer?," and "what piece of advice would you give to a picture of yourself as a baby?"

  • Rovers
    an existential, educational space pageant featuring two Mars Rovers: one named "Opportunity" (actor 1) and one named "Curiosity" (actors 2 & 3), and another Rover named "Spirit" (played by a computer-manipulated actor's voice).
  • interra-bang
    A pseudo-autobiographical, fractured portrait of the fragmented identities of a Chinese-Japanese-white family, and of the half-true ancestral curse that lurks under their kitchen sink. A comedic memory play, a slice of life, and a historical tragedy, "interra-bang" hopscotches through time from 1877 to 2027, unearthing queerness(‽) and shame(!) and pride(?) in 3+ generations and their pet shih-tzu.
    A dance-theatre installation that satirizes the contemporary visual art world. Includes: a devilish Curator, seven "Art-Going Archetypes," and many grotesque tableau vivants.