Recommended by Maggie Gallant

  • Bearly Coping
    1 May. 2022
    I love the premise, and especially that this is a pattern for Maggie. A very very funny ten-minute piece that I think audiences would love. Brilliant and unexpected way to take advantage of Pooh now being in the public domain.
  • Grimly Reaped
    24 Mar. 2022
    I had the privilege of hearing part of this play (the Reaper's monologue) read out loud and it was extraordinary in language and metaphor. So truly unexpected but also comforting. It's lovely to read it within the context of the full piece and as with many of Dave Patton's pieces, it packs an emotional wallop. He articulates emotions about dementia that I've struggled to find the words for and so my gratitude goes beyond just reading a powerful piece of writing.
  • Survivors Club
    24 Mar. 2022
    A brilliant premise crafted with great skill into a dark comedy. The many laughs come from the clever parodying of the characters from the book/film but then Jolly make you question whether you should really be laughing at long-lived trauma. But then back into the absurd with a conversation about Nibling as a definition. It's a great writer who can create this kind of dichotomy and it would only be heightened by seeing it staged, which it undoubtedly will be.
  • Flirtle
    24 Mar. 2022
    A wonderful skewering of the Wordle obsession from someone who clearly plays or pays attention to those who do, and some very funny spin-offs that made me laugh out loud. A perfect piece to stage right now.
    23 Mar. 2022
    A lovely and clever Coward-inspired piece. Charles Scott-Jones nails quick back and forth dialogue, the barbed insults, the wit, but also makes the two characters feel believable and contemporary. I love plays in which exposition is used as weaponry. And I hope to sight a French Mastiff so I can call out Dogue de Bordeaux! Fabulous.
  • Tales Of Terror for Today's Woman
    19 Mar. 2022
    It may be a few years since the last listed production but this bitingly funny satire feels no less relevant to life today. Fast-paced with quick dialogue and an in your face opening scene, Flanagan takes an idea and pushes it to its absurd limits. And then tops it. Brilliant.
  • People Should Talk About What's Real
    17 Mar. 2022
    This touched on a lot of themes that are very close to me and Alli Hartley-Kong didn't disappoint on any of them. The intertwining stories are cleverly woven and the dialogue is so natural and effective. There's also a lot of humour - I laughed out loud more than once - but it comes organically from the very distinctly drawn characters and not just jammed in. The stand-up comedy feels real and the perspective on adoption is beautifully handled. I'm full of respect for the writer. Look forward to seeing this on a stage.
  • A Milestone in my Dad's Life.
    16 Mar. 2022
    This piece hits you hard. I've studied this period of history in some detail and have read a lot of personal accounts, but nothing as affecting as this. I could see this as a short documentary as well as a staged monologue, it's written with such clarity and love and without too much sentimentality. Thank you Dave Patton for sharing the story of such a heroic man.
  • Living the Dream
    16 Mar. 2022
    'Dementia. Such a wee soft, small word.' This was the line that broke me. Because he's right, it's the wrong name for something that wreaks such havoc on a life and sends ripples far beyond immediate family. But this monologue also invites us to think about our memories - the ones we conjure up and the uninvited ones. There is a beautiful lilt, a rhythm to this piece, and the easy flow of it belies the true skill in word choice and placement.
  • The Grape Nerds Reunion (10 Minute Play)
    16 Mar. 2022
    Sitting in the dark reading this, and seeing it all play out in front of me. This poignant and beautifully crafted play has characters that you care about from the start, and reveals so carefully placed and rich with detail. I would love to actually be in an audience in the dark watching this onstage. I'm sure it will have many more productions.