Joe Godley

Joe Godley

I spent election night 2016 in New York City, working a catering gig: Hillary Clinton’s pre-victory cocktail party. The guests went from cloud nine to dead silence. They left the building like folks at a funeral, because, well…they were.

The next morning, I was a sad, millennial mess. "What can I do?!" I asked an empty apartment.

"Jesus works at Arby’s," my mind replied.


  • God The Fry Cook
    A modern-day Jesus struggles with destiny, addiction, and his dead-end job in fast-food.
  • O.F.F.I.L.
    Roy discovers his wife is dating a young person named Carter. Lights up on Carter: bloody and tied to a chair. Only fools fall in love.
  • Medagán
    Frank's sense of identity is tested when his little brother, Dino, questions their heritage, God, and Dean Martin.
  • Chakra Drama
    At the end of a meditation exercise, a group of young actors discovers their classmate, Debbie, is dead.
  • The First Thanksgiving
    Conceived during PlayPenn's 2019 bake-off. Writers were given 3 hours to write and rehearse a piece that "spoke truth to power." Joe's first thought was: " mom cooks with wooden spoons."